Why it’s More Fun in the Philippine Islands

by Rissa Gatdula-Lumontad /
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Jan 31, 2012 / 0 comments

Just recently, the Philippine Department of Tourism launched its new campaign slogan, “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Anchoring on the inherent fun-loving trait of the Filipino, the campaign has gone viral with Filipinos from all walks of life sharing their own interpretation of the slogan through pictures and sharing these through different social media platforms.


“Status updates” with a picture of a diver photographing a whale-shark underwater; “Commuting” with a picture of a group of tourists on board a boat on clear, aqua waters amidst a backdrop of imposing rock formations; “Cold showers” with a picture of friends bathing under a waterfall; “Six packs” with a picture of six dolphins underwater; “Bench warming” with a picture of a guy sitting on a bench on a white sand beach; “Flipping out” with a picture of a group of rafters trying to flip over an inflatable river raft. These are just some of the witty illustrations of why it is “More fun in the Philippines."

With 7,107 islands, it is no wonder that the Philippine Islands offers a plethora of attractions: natural panorama, man-made marvels, fascinating culture, exciting activities, exquisite cuisine, and charming people.  Anyone and everyone will definitely find something to make a Philippine visit fun and fulfilling.


Here are ten recommended destinations in the Philippine Islands and what are fun about them:


1.  Manila. The vibrant capital is the center of business and culture and most international flights land here. From here, you can fly or drive to the other destinations. In Manila: “Bargain hunting” is fun at the malls and bazaars that abound the city; “End of day” is fun while watching one of the world’s best sunsets at the bay area; “Wall climbing” is fun within the walls of the historical district of Intramuros; “Clubbing” is fun at the several world-class golf courses around the metropolis; “Hanging out” is fun while on board a cable car in Tagaytay, the favorite highland escapade of urbanites less than a couple of hours drive South of the city.

2.  Boracay. Considered one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay remains to be one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the Philippines. In Boracay: “Bronzing” is fun while getting a tan under the Pacific sun; “Going barefoot” is fun when walking on the fine, immaculately white sand beach; “Getting high” is fun when parasailing; “Getting thrown off” is fun when banana boating; “Playing with fire” is fun while watching the fire dancers perform at night.

3.  Cebu. This “Queen City of the South” is the hub of central Philippines. The city is ideal for those who want a place with the comforts of city life and close to both sea and mountain. Here: “School” is fun when you see schools of fish while snorkeling in the marine sanctuary off Mactan Island; “History” is fun while doing walking tours around the Fort San Pedro, the smallest fort in the country, Magellan’s Cross which houses the original wood of the first cross that was planted by the Portuguese explorer Magellan in 1521 in honor of Spain, and the Lapu-Lapu Monument which stands in honor of the first Philippine hero; “Street dancing” is fun during the Sinulog Festival every third Sunday of January; “Tweeting” is fun at Olango Island where bird watching tours are operated by the local cooperative; “Fat” is fun when sampling the delectable Cebu lechon (roast pig) and “chicharon” (pork crackling); “Plucking” is fun when playing export-quality hand-made guitars; even “Prison” is fun with the world-famous Cebu Dancing Inmates!

4.  Bohol. This small island in central Philippines, offers so much and is a highly recommended destination to families. It is often combined with Cebu as the two islands are just less than two hours fast ferry ride between each other. In Bohol, you will find: “Kisses” are fun as the popular chocolate product comes to mind while viewing the Chocolate Hills, a group of 1268 cone-shaped hills, an amazing geological formation; “Plunging” is fun when diving in some of the best dive sites the world over; “Staring” is fun when you see the wide eyed tarsier, the smallest primate in the world.

5.  Banaue. This upland province in Northern Philippines is known globally for the hand-carved Banaue Rice Terraces, called the eighth wonder of the world. Truly a breathtaking sight, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Up there: “Getting upstairs” is fun while hiking from the native villages in the rice terraces. “Getting holed up” is fun when going down the burial caves of Sagada, just a few hours’ drive from Banaue.

6.  Palawan. The province of Palawan is one of the greenest places among the Philippine Islands. In Palawan: “Navigation” is fun while traversing the Subterranean River National Park, the longest navigational underground river in the world, and recently adjudged a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of the World; “Hopping” is fun going from one island paradise to the next in El Nido or at Honda Bay; “Jump shots” are fun while photographing playful dolphins off Puerto Princesa City.

7.  Ilocos Region. This Northern province is more known for its rich culture and heritage, yet not lacking in natural attractions. “Pot session” is fun when watching pot makers in Vigan; “Being tossed“ is fun while sand dune driving in Suba, Laoag; “Catching the breeze” is more fun at the Bangui Windmills, “Isolated” is fun as you swim in the emerald waters of the remote coastal resort town of Pagudpud.

8. Davao. Like Cebu, this Southern Philippine province is an urban haven in close proximito to sea and mountain attractions. It is one of the world’s largest cities in terms of land area. “Social climbing” is fun when conquering majestic Mt. Apo, the tallest peak in the country, with your friends and other mountaineers; “Swooping” is fun when the monkey-eating Philippine eagle, a ferocious-looking bird that is a protected species, spreads its wings and dives. “Blooming” is fun at the colorful orchid farms; “Foul smell” is fun while you eat the exotic Durian fruit.

9.  Bicol Region. Located east of the main island of Luzon, the Bicol Region has its lofty share of tourist attractions. Here: “Geometry” is fun with the almost perfect cone shape of Mayon Volcano in Albay province; “Chasing tales” is fun in Donsol, Sorsogon, where whale watching is an organized community tourism initiative; “Board meetings” are fun at the CamSur Watersports Complex, the best cableski/wake park facility in the Philippine Islands;  “Getting lost” is fun in the Caramoan Peninsula where you can find enchanting lagoons.

10.  Cagayan de Oro. The “City of Golden Friendship” is an established adventure destination. In and around the city: “High five” is fun every time you successfully negotiate the rapids of the Cagayan de Oro River on board a river raft; “Balancing act“ is fun while walking across the Canopy Walk in Macahambus Park; “Walking in the dark” is fun while walking through the Macahambus Cave; Freezing” is fun at the cold springs of Camiguin, a captivating island just a few hours from the city; “Back massage” is fun while seating under the mini-falls of Camiguin’s Ardent Hot Springs.

Whatever you fancy, your holiday or business trip is guaranteed to be more fun, in the Philippines!