#StudyAbroadBecause... It Changes The Way You See Everything

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Maggie Burr is a DPhil candidate in Classical Archaeology at Oxford, where she spends her time trying to understand what ancient farmers did, and why. She grew up in Lexington, MA, Austin, TX, and Beverly, MA. 

Spain: a Coastline Adventure

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Spain is home to some of the best beaches in Europe, incredible architecture, and a passionate culture specializing in textiles and culinary arts. 

The Most Interesting Things to do in Lofoten, Norway

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At 68° North, the Lofoten Archipelago in Norway is located just 2 degrees north of the Arctic Circle. And while it may seem like an extremely cold location, because of the Gulf Stream, Lofoten features less harsh winters than you expect. 

Exploring the Back Roads of Provence

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Provence. Idyllic, quiet, peaceful. Known for its incredible scenery, scenery which has inspired countless artists and poets over the past few centuries. Renowned for its comfortable tradition of home cooked food and fresh produce. Dipping its toes in the Mediterranean, it stretches all the way to the foothills of the towering French Alps. With art, culture, scenery, fine cuisine, and a host of tiny villages to explore, the Provençal region is without a doubt one of the greatest road trip destinations in Europe

100 Tips for Traveling with Kids in Europe

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You know those guidebooks that are so creative and full of genius that you immediately start planning a trip? I have one such book to share with you (you’ll love it!). 100 Tips for Traveling with Kids in Europe, written by our friends at Family on the Loose, E.

Driving the Alpine Road in Germany

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Considered by many to be the top driving tour in Europe, and perhaps even one of the top three in the world (next to Australia’s Great Ocean Road or California’s Highway 1), Germany’s Alpine Road stretches over 450 kilometres through the Alps. There’s no real reason to do this drive… it’s a drive for the hell of it, winding through the mountains, tiny German towns, and castles along the way. Why not?

Top Ten Ways to Save Money in Norway

by Izabel Antle / May 30, 2016 /
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Norway - the home of frankfurters and fiords, aurora borealis, and enough scenic views to last a lifetime. It is the dream destination for many, but it seems that only the very wealthy are able to experience its glory. 

Top Ten Ways to Save Money in Norway

Rotterdam: Not the Poor Cousin

I suppose that if you are “going Dutch,” and you are lulled by the lure of Amsterdam Gouda, Haarlem, or even The Hague, all gables and canals, then Rotterdam may come as a bit of a disappointment.

Well, fooled be you.

Like going to see the Mona Lisa and walking past the Pissarro, without much of a glance.

#StudyAbroadBecause... You Deserve To See The World

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Katarina Klett is a third-year chemical engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh. At school, she works as a calculus tutor in the Math Assistance Center (MAC) and as a Peer Advisor for the Swanson School of Engineering. When not at the MAC or in the engineering building, she can be found in the Adipose Stem Cell Center, where Katarina worked as a Student Researcher since the summer following her freshman year.

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016!

Europe is blessed with such stunning natural landscapes and wonderful cities, that it’s impossible to travel and explore this vast continent in one go. The usual, bucket list European destinations like London, Paris and Rome are still popular, but are always getting jam-packed with tourists. Add the challenges of mass migration of refuges to European hinterlands, exploring the conventional, mainstream European Cities is certainly not among the most coveted travel experiences of Europe