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Celebrate Cheeseweek in Stratford, Ontario April 1-9

Savour Stratford presents Stratford Says “CheeseWeek” to welcome the Canadian Dairy XPO with delicious cheese features at eleven participating Stratford and area restaurants April 1 through 9 plus a special cheese pairing event, April 8.

Bards Steakhouse. Celebrate Cheeseweek in Stratford, Ontario April 1-9
Bard's Steakhouse

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Taste Good - Feel Good: Bravo! Cucina Italiana's New Spring Menu

Have you eaten at Bravo! Cucina Italiana yet? We went last night up to Bravo! in Grand Rapids, Michigan  to taste their new spring menu, and let me tell you - I was impressed. This national restaurant offers fresh, delicious Italian food in a convivial atmosphere. We loved it.

Taste Good - Feel Good: Bravo! Cucina Italiana's New Spring Menu

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Will Travel For Food: Broccoli, Tarantulas, and Paella

Food is wonderful. It tastes great, there are an almost infinite number of options, and it keeps you alive.

Will Travel For Food: Broccoli, Tarantulas, and Paella

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Top 10 Things to Eat in Jordan

One of my favorite parts of living in Jordan was the food! Here is a list of the top 10 foods that you should eat while in Jordan.

The Best Dip, Ever - Straight from Middle Earth

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Jan 14, 2017 / 0 comments

When I was young, I discovered the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. Glorious, wonderful, read-yearly books that have influenced thousands, nay, millions of people worldwide.

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Taiwanese Night Market Culture: Eat, Drink, and Be Daring

I’ll never forget my first visit to a night market in Taiwan. It was a total affront on all senses. Too many people jostling for space; too many unrecognizable odors drifting through the air; too many animal organs skewered and on display for growling bellies.

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An Eating Tour of Austria

Ready for another road trip? This time, it's an eating tour of Austria. Let’s be honest and say that you could actually stay in Vienna and eat to your heart’s delight. There’s that much there! But it would also be a disservice to the glorious cuisine that is found all around Austria to just stay in Vienna. Here's why: local versions of a variety of soups, beef, geese, pork, chicken, noodles, cheese, smoked meats, game, and desserts will all make your tastebuds sing.


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4 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Snack Cravings While Traveling

Eating healthy can be a challenge, whether you are trying to get healthier, add more fruits and vegetables to your meals, or if you are simply trying to eat a more balanced diet - especially on the road. You may find one of the greatest roadblocks to improved nutrition is giving into snack cravings - and if so, you are not alone. A 2014 report by Nielsen found that global sales of snack foods have reached nearly $400 billion.

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Behind the Scenes of Wisconsin Supper Clubs: Another Round

One of the hallmarks of the Midwest is gathering - and eating - together. Whether it's family or a chosen family of friends, we love to sit down to good food, laughter, and great conversation. However, each area in the Midwest has different traditions - and Wisconsin has a unique one: that of supper clubs. The state is covered with them - homegrown, comfortable restaurants that serve excellent, tasty, homemade food with such friendliness that other restaurants will start to look rude.

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Eating My Way Through A Savor Healdsburg Food Tour

Sonoma County, California is primarily an agricultural area - food is treated with the reverence and respect it deserves. From olive groves to dairy farms, vineyards to the bounty of the sea, Sonoma County is a place to savor.