Michigan's Small Town Treasures: A Short Side Trip to Cross Village

by Julie Royce / Sep 15, 2008 /
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Twenty miles from Harbor Springs, if you follow the magnificent Tunnel
of Trees route along M-119, is Cross Village. The route takes you along

September Photographer of the Month: Kerry Dexter

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Our September Photographer of the Month is Kerry Dexter. I've known her for a long time through Gather.com, as one of the Music Correspondents.

The Little Travelers

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A dream job for travellers

by Craig Martin / Sep 12, 2008 /
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As the end of University approached I felt somewhat unqualified for the labour market. With a degree in English and Film, TV and Media Studies it was further research or McDonalds and neither really appealed. Luckily I was already married and quite easily persuaded.

Cotton Tree Lodge – Culture, Environment, and Education

by Marti Mayne / Sep 12, 2008 /

Cotton Tree Lodge – A Commitment to Culture, Environment, and Education


Summer's End: Time For Nearby Weekend Pastimes

by nonameharbor / Sep 11, 2008 /



Stonecoal Lake


A comforting gurgle sounds

NFT Travel Guides: a French Crime Wave

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One of our partners, Not For Tourists, has several unique offerings on their website this week. Check out the following highlights...



Westside Highway Bicycle Path, by Molly Riordan

Hudson River Park
More a conduit than a destination, you say? Think again, my young pedaling friend.


French Crime Wave, by Sarah Moroz