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Interesting Things to See on a Road Trip

As an amateur photographer, I always have my camera on me. I never know when I'll see something that strikes my fancy, or where I'll be when such fancy is struck. Sometimes you see things worth capturing in the least likely place…such as from your passenger seat in a car during a fourteen hour 'no stops unless the car is out of gas' road trip…which means taking a picture while in motion. Some things are just too good to pass up, even at seventy miles an hour.

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4 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Snack Cravings While Traveling

Eating healthy can be a challenge, whether you are trying to get healthier, add more fruits and vegetables to your meals, or if you are simply trying to eat a more balanced diet - especially on the road. You may find one of the greatest roadblocks to improved nutrition is giving into snack cravings - and if so, you are not alone. A 2014 report by Nielsen found that global sales of snack foods have reached nearly $400 billion.

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Spain: a Coastline Adventure

Spain is home to some of the best beaches in Europe, incredible architecture, and a passionate culture specializing in textiles and culinary arts. 

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Exploring the Back Roads of Provence

Provence. Idyllic, quiet, peaceful. Known for its incredible scenery, scenery which has inspired countless artists and poets over the past few centuries. Renowned for its comfortable tradition of home cooked food and fresh produce. Dipping its toes in the Mediterranean, it stretches all the way to the foothills of the towering French Alps. With art, culture, scenery, fine cuisine, and a host of tiny villages to explore, the Provençal region is without a doubt one of the greatest road trip destinations in Europe

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Driving the Alpine Road in Germany

Considered by many to be the top driving tour in Europe, and perhaps even one of the top three in the world (next to Australia’s Great Ocean Road or California’s Highway 1), Germany’s Alpine Road stretches over 450 kilometres through the Alps. There’s no real reason to do this drive… it’s a drive for the hell of it, winding through the mountains, tiny German towns, and castles along the way. Why not?

Road Trip 101: Top 10 Ways to Save Money on the Road

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Jun 05, 2016 / 2 comments

You've got the car all packed - and are raring to go venture across the country (or continent). Still, in the back of your mind, you're a bit worried about how much this all will cost. You've budgeted for your vacation, but saving money is always a good thing - you can then travel more!

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Driving the Old Salt Route in France

When it comes to road trips in Europe, it’s hard to find something that feels unique. As one of the most touristy locations on the planet, Europe has been done, and done over again. It’s earned its reputation, of course, as a treasure trove of art, food, and culture. But how can you road trip Europe and come home having experienced something new? Look no further. We have just the trip for you.

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Exploring Germany’s Old Salt Road

Have you ever heard the expression, “Worth your weight in white gold?” If you have, you probably know that it doesn’t refer to rings or riches. Strange as it may seem, “white gold” was once a name for a common mineral most of use on a daily basis: table salt. 

Exploring Germany’s Old Salt Road

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Adventures On The Autobahn: Germany By Car

Land of castles, fairytales, bratwurst, and beer, Germany is a destination hotspot for many travelers. While roaming the German countryside by train with nothing but a pair of boots and a backpack is an adventure that draws a growing number of high school graduates from overseas, not many consider taking a road trip instead. Why not? Germany is near legendary for its wonderful road systems, and taking a car allows you to enjoy an ease of exploration you won’t be able to experience by train. 

Winding, Whining, and Wining: Mudgee and the Hunter Valley

Where are we, Phineas?

“Haven’t the foggiest,” I retorted in the best of literary fashion, “but looking at the GPS I think that we are going around the Blue Mountains in 80 kilometres.”

Morning mist in Broke, Australia

Morning mist in Broke, Australia