Dog Traveler

by Jay Painer / Jun 06, 2009 / 0 comments

This blog is about me and my dog Tinker. We travel around the country together and have a great time. I will update this blog after our trip to Kentucky. 

A lady (35 is), has a collie bitch, she also has a collie dog -
thankfully not related, however both unneutered (you know where this is
going). She came to me 3 months ago asking me to help her with the dog
as she had to go out a lot, so I said yes I would walk him with mine -
she never took me up on the offer, he is now tied in the back yard all
day to stop him escaping over the wall.

Well last night the collie bitch gave birth to 6 pups - her first
litter - by this collie dog! 2 of the pups passed on quickly and a 3rd
is extremely dodgy and she has decided to try and hand rear this one
but the other 3 are healthy although mum seems to have left the pups
several times to go "out and about".

I went to see her tonight - and she also has...wait for it..... a
heavily pregnant cat! So, in the next week she is going to have
possibly 6 dogs/pups and a mummy cat and kittens....and another male
tom (the dad) and a hamster. She is most of the day shopping and things
(that was why she wanted me to walk the collie dog for her) - how is
she going to manage!