Porchetta Passion in Central Italy

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Mar 28, 2010 / 0 comments

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If you love meat & pork in particular then you then you just might find a slice of fattie heaven in a porchetta panini or a pork sandwich. Jason can't pass them up and finds any excuse to make his way to town on Tuesday mornings when our favorite porchetta guy has his truck parked in the piazza of Piobbico.


Jason & my Uncle Shawn savor the porky goodness at one of the best stands of the Region - the weekly Saturday market in Fano.

Porchetta is a whole de-boned loin of a roasted pig. It is stuffed with salt, pepper, rosemary, wild fennel and the innards of the pig. It is then rolled, spitted, and roasted, traditionally over wood. The recipe of course varies but I bet at least one day a week the Porchetta man can be found in almost every central Italian town and Lazio as well.

So the next time you are traveling through central Italy keep your eyes peeled for a truck with a whole roasted pig & BRAKE! Maybe we'll see you there!

Ashley Bartner is the Living in Italy Editor for Wandering Educators.

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