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Marriott Points Guide For Beginners

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The Marriott is one of the world's largest hotel chains, and has one of the most robust loyalty programs. Their recent tie-up with Starwood Preferred Guest and Ritz Carlton has the Marriott-Bonvoy rewards program one of the world's largest.  

The Marriott Bonvoy rewards point has 30 brands across several price points. It allows for all types of travelers to earn free nights and utilize the various elite status benefits at different properties worldwide.  

A Life of Extremes - The Life and Times of a Polar Filmmaker: In Search of the Sami

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Max Quinn is one of the world's most experienced polar filmmakers. His career, which spans 50 years, has taken him to the ends of the earth, from his native New Zealand to Alaska, and Antarctica to the Arctic.

His new book, A Life of Extremes is a personal account of his work, featuring vibrant text and stunning images that illustrate 20 years of adventures in polar climates.

From Glasgow, Virtually: Celtic Connections Celebrates Hope and Music

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By ones and twos, the pipers of Tryst stepped out as they played their pipes, walking up an almost deserted Buchanan Street in Glasgow city centre to enter the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

They  were playing In Praise of the Pioneers, a well-chosen selection.

Getting Closer: Paul Sorrell’s Best Tips for Photographing Birds In Your Own Backyard

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Renowned photographer Paul Sorrell has a new book out, entitled Getting Closer: Rediscovering nature through bird photography. In this fascinating book, he details ways to best photograph birds and other wildlife. 

Getting Closer: Paul Sorrell’s Best Tips for Photographing Birds In Your Own Backyard

Music's invitation to reflection, to connection, to peace

by Kerry Dexter / Jan 18, 2021 /
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Music for shifting times. Four years ago, when we chose the title for this series, we could not have known what lay in store. There is no need for me to rehearse those events for you, and in any case, you will see them as you choose. Several threads which I would encourage you to follow, though, and which run through the music we have been sharing with you over these years are respect, reflection, connection, integrity, and peace.

Through the Eyes of an Educator: “Come Alive”

by Stacey Ebert / Jan 05, 2021 /
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You stumble through your days, got your head hung low
Your skies’ a shade of grey, like a zombie in a maze, you’re asleep inside, but you can shake away
‘Cause you’re just a dead man walking, that’s your only option, but you can flip the switch and brighten up your darkest day.
Sun is up and the color’s blinding, take the world and redefine it
Leave behind your narrow mind, you'll never be the same

Breathe Into Love: Twinkle is Already the Must-Read Book of the Year

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She's done it again!

One of our favorite writers, Patricia Leavy, has a new novel out that is, already, the must-read book of the year. Twinkle is a testament to the humanity in our lives—the joys of love, friendship, and laughter, as well as the challenges of trauma and life-changing events. I started reading it as a gift to myself in the new year, and wished that I had had it to hold in my heart during the last difficult year. 

Music for a Winter Afternoon

by Kerry Dexter / Dec 21, 2020 /
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In the northern hemisphere, it is winter. Winter has many faces and facets. As you travel through winter, you may well experience all of them. I have always enjoyed winter's aspects of quiet and the season's call to reflection; you may experience this time of year differently. There are holidays and holy days of most faiths; there are secular celebrations; there is the turning of the year. This music will help with the journey.

Open Your Eyes! A Better Life for Half the Price: How to Thrive on Less Money in the Cheapest Places to Live

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Always wanted to live abroad, but not sure how? Global living expert Tim Leffel shares ALL the tips, in his book, A Better Life for Half the Price: How to Thrive on Less Money in the Cheapest Places to Live, Revised Second Edition. It covers everything you need to know to thrive overseas...inexpensively. From tips to country profiles, working abroad to family life, this book encompasses it ALL.

Highly recommended!

Scotland's Top Musicians Share Christmas Song and Story

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It's become a cherished part of the festive season in Scotland: for the last fourteen years, Phil Cunningham's Christmas Songbook has brought together some of the country's top musicians in a festive celebration series of concerts that has toured across Scotland in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Phil Cunningham. From Scotland's Top Musicians Share Christmas Song and Story