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World Traveler and Scuba Diver Publishes Book for Kids of All Ages

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Publisher note: We have long loved the ocean and learning about it! One of our favorite authors, Tam Warner Minton, is back with the second edition of All Fish Faces, a book we love and highly recommend.

Josie Albrecht: #CommunityCollegeBecause it encourages forward thinking, cultural appreciation, and success

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Josie Albrecht graduated from CCAC with her Associate of Arts degree in Psychology in May 2017. Her “home campus” was Allegheny Campus, but she became familiar with North and South campuses through the Honors Program and other student leadership activities. After CCAC, she transferred to Chatham University, and completed both her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (2018) and a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology (2020).

Music of Hope and Peace

by Kerry Dexter / Jun 15, 2020 /
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In times  of turmoil, of anger, of pain, songs of protest have their place. In times of protest, of turmoil, of pain, there is also time for seeking peace, need for solace, for reflection and connection, even when --perhaps especially when --circumstances seem bleak and dangerous.

That's how the music in this episode of Music For Shifting Times is meant to work. There is hope in the midst of turmoil, ways to find rest and seek connection in the midst of upheaval. May this music help you find and share these things.

Hezreel O. Robertson: #CommunityCollegeBecause ... It Opens Doors!

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Hezreel O. Robertson studied classical piano and choral music at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)-Boyce Campus. He graduated in the spring semester of 2015 with honors and an Associate of Science Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. That fall, Hezreel began studies at the University of Pittsburgh, and later graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Jazz Music. After Pitt, he wanted to combine his love of music and film, so he became a graduate student in Film and Digital Media at Chatham University in the Fall of 2018.

Courtney Seiler: #CommunityCollegeBecause ... I was given every opportunity to learn and grow!

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Courtney Seiler graduated from the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)—South Campus in 2020 with her Associate's Degree in General Studies and transferring to California University (Cal U) to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, with the end goal of working as an Administrator at a Community College.

Courtney Seiler: #CommunityCollegeBecause ... I was given every opportunity to learn and grow!

History Comes Alive on Moab’s Hiking Trails

by Sandy Bornstein / Jun 11, 2020 /
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Museums and historical sites are not the only places where you can appreciate history. During a recent road trip to Moab, Utah, history came alive while exploring Arches National Park and trekking in the Grandstaff Canyon.

Brendan Smith: #CommunityCollegeBecause ... They Care!

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Brendan Smith studied Technical Theater at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)-South Campus, and graduated May 2020. 
Brendan Smith: #CommunityCollegeBecause ... They Care!

Travel With Ease Using These 6 Essential Travel Items

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Traveling is a lot more fun when essential items are packed. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a lengthy trip, our six most essential items are described below. Your trip will be less stressful, more enjoyable, and you can be assured you will have everything you need the most.

Travel With Ease Using These 6 Essential Travel Items

Bekah Waldron: #CommunityCollegeBecause ... Family

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Rebekah (Bekah) Waldron studied psychology at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC), at the North campus, and recently graduated in May 2020. She initially started her higher education journey at West Virginia University (WVU) in 2016, but when her dad passed away, she decided to stay and be near family...which ended up being the best decision for her.  

 Bekah Waldron: #CommunityCollegeBecause...Family

Through the Eyes of an Educator: 5 Actionable Steps for Re-Entry Amidst a Pandemic

by Stacey Ebert / Jun 01, 2020 /
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It’s a weird world we live in right now, that’s for sure. Some kids are headed back to traditional brick and mortar schooling this year, while others will be in some sort of distance learning for the foreseeable future. Some parents will be headed back to in-person work, complete with public transportation and all the new physical distancing protocols, while others will do their best to handle remote work in whatever space they’re lucky enough to call home for a while longer. And yet others are out of work and don’t know when their situation will change.