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Read This: Age of Atheria

This young adult post-apocalyptic fantasy novel is fantastic escapism—but escapism with depth and a message of hope. Have you sometimes wondered if another world exists? One that feels like returning to a home that we’ve never been to but somehow always felt existed? Jenny McClain Miller & Greg Miller have created that world with Atheria. 

Age of Atheria

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Choosing You (be where your feet are)

by Stacey Ebert /
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Nov 07, 2022 / 0 comments

It’s arrived! That time of year where life feels like it’s full speed ahead and nonstop glitter-filled energy. The educational year is in its groove, every week there’s a game or a concert or a special event, and even taking a moment to find your own breath seemingly involves a calendar invitation. We’re officially in that final quarter of the year when resolution inklings creep in, ‘to do’ lists pile up, and many of us feel pulled in multiple directions. 

In these final months of the year, how do you tend to show up?

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The Best Places to Go for the Whole Family

Are you planning your next family holiday but don't know where to go? You can refer to this list of the best places to go for the whole family for some inspiration. As you know, the world is home to thousands of beautiful destinations geared towards families and deciding which ones to visit can be confusing. It can even be more challenging if your family members have different preferences. Don't fret—this list of places is guaranteed to delight everyone, kids included.

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Educational Adventures for Older Teenagers

For families with older teenagers, consider adding an educational component to your next family trip. Educational adventures will not only foster curiosity about different places, but your kids will also learn a thing or two about the world around them, broadening their perspectives in life. Read on for some suggestions on educational adventures for older teenagers.

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Read This: Escape Clauses — Getting Away With a Travel Writing Life

Wonder what it's like to be a travel writer? Luckily for all of us, Bob Payne has a new memoir about just that, entitled Escape Clauses — Getting Away With a Travel Writing Life. He shows (and tells) what a life of travel—and sharing about it—is like. 

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The Ultimate Destinations for Adventure Travel

While each country offers unique adventures, some destinations seem to cater to the true adventurers. If you're looking for destinations offering ultimate adventures, refer to our list below. These destinations are guaranteed to satisfy your craving for thrilling experiences, whether you're into surfing, hiking, or white-water rafting. 

So, here are the ultimate destinations for adventure travel.

The Ultimate Destinations for Adventure Travel

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Listen Up! Russ Hewitt's Chasing Horizons is a Musical Gift

EVERY time the extraordinary musician Russ Hewitt releases a new CD, I am overjoyed at the musical gift he has given the world. His latest CD, Chasing Horizons, is gorgeous, soulful, and utterly addicting. I think you will feel the same, too.

Listen Up! Russ Hewitt's Chasing Horizons is a Musical Gift

Travel with Awe and Wonder: Newfoundland Weather

by Christy Anselmi /
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Oct 31, 2022 / 0 comments

This summer, my husband and I undertook a move. A relocation from Massachusetts to Arizona has been undertaken by others, no doubt. We decided to make things a little more interesting than a direct route. We headed north. Our circuitous route is winding us through Newfoundland, Portugal, and North Carolina. When one would think to take the southerly route from the Carolina’s to Arizona in the winter months, we will make Bugs Bunny’s famous right turn at Albuquerque to get to Bozeman, Montana. Then, we’ll drive to Arizona.

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Where to Go for a Taste of Culture

Every traveller has a list of preferences when deciding which places to visit. While some people explore the world in search of adventures, others to experience new food, many do it for their love of culture. Cultural tourism means travelling to learn and experience a new culture, whether visiting historical landmarks, exploring museums, or attending festivals. It's a fantastic way to learn about a new place, understand how other people live, and gain experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes: The Ghost Ship S.S. Bannockburn

by Julie Royce /
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Oct 29, 2022 / 0 comments

The approximate 6,000 ships that have succumbed to raging storms attest to the power of the Great Lakes. As I traveled, writing and compiling information for my three-volume travel series that explores Michigan's coasts, I heard or read the tales left behind by those ill-fated ships. They add a somber, but compelling backdrop to Michigan’s waterways.