Chapala, Mexico Animal Shelter

by Joy Whitehead / Oct 29, 2012 / 0 comments

Katie Wellman and I worked together on this collaboration assignment for our Youth Travel Blogging Class, because we both love animals and want to help them. The Chapala Animal Shelter is one of the two shelters in the Chapala-Ajijic area, in Mexico. Most of the strays in the area will be brought to this shelter. The pictures in the video are from the animal shelters near where we live. We hope you enjoy the video!




The Animal Shelter in Chapala, Mexico is a temporary home for many stray cats and kittens.  It is also a forever home for many birds, including flamingos and canaries.


In the right-hand side of the building are the bird cages, with a pool for the ducks, and a roost for the chickens.  It's paradise for many different types of birds, from Scarlet Macaws, to parakeets!  Sadly, though, the birds are not up for adoption, and you may only look at them.


There are plenty of adorable kittens and beautiful cats to play with!  Lots of the kittens are black and white, some are long-haired, but if you prefer short-haired cats, there are lots of different colors to choose from. Or if you just want to help out, your job as a volunteer is to socialize the cats to prepare them for their forever home! So wash your hands and grab a toy, it's time for a kitty play-date!



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