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Oct 23, 2013 / 0 comments

The workshops in Owerri began today with approximately 70 teachers, college students, and faculty from the Federal College of Education. Many of them had attended the talk yesterday, so they were prime to get creative, which is exactly what they did. We examined an example of a student comic book created by Comic Book Project participants in New York City. Then we jumped into working with simple lines and shapes, facial expressions, writing techniques, and the structure of comic books. The participants then created two-panel and four-panel mini comics. Once again, the stories reflected life in Nigeria. Most notably a number of people created comics about finding a peaceful solution to conflicts with Boko Haram, a Nigerian Islamic terrorist group whose name translates into "Western education is sin."


Comic Book Project in Nigeria


Comic Book Project in Nigeria



After the workshops, Obi drove me into town to change money. I thought we were going to a bank, but it turns out we haggled with a street "banker" for a better rate. Some things are different in Nigeria after all! As we drove through the crowded streets of Owerri, my eyes stung from the petrol fumes emitted by the endless stream of small three-wheeled taxis. This is how most people get around town. We made a quick visit to the Montessori School that Obi's daughter attends. Tomorrow, my last day in Africa, we conclude workshops.


Shop in Owerri, Nigeria


In Nigeria


in Owerri, Nigeria



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Dr. Michael Bitz is the founder of the Comic Book Project (, where he helps young people write, design, and publish original comic books as a pathway to literacy and creativity. He is currently in Nigeria at the invitation of the Reading Association of Nigeria and the Ford Foundation's Institute of International Education, and will be working with teachers and students in Nsukka and Owerri to help build creative pathways to literacy through the Comic Book Project.
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