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Have you ever held in your hands writing so precious, so compelling and informative and honest, that you actually feel the weight of truth? It's rare, it's treasured, and you feel honored to read it. Such is the case with a new zine called Unravelling From the Inside. Produced by Angie River via Rebels on Page Press, this is an authentic, artistic look at the body through a variety of voices. And I must say - one of my poems is featured within. But I had no idea I'd be among such august company, writers and artists whose voices ring clear with humanity - and genuine experience.


Unravelling From the Inside - a new zine about the lived experience


From the moment I opened the cover of this unassuming zine, I was stunned. Here were voices that encompassed the lived experience. It's hard to pick a favorite; it's easy to read again and again. Each re-reading brings something new to the fore, and makes me realize that we're all in this together, this world.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Angie and ask about the backstory, inspiration, submission process (highly encouraged! get your writing into this zine!), and more. Here's what she had to say...


Angie Huckstep, creator of Unravelling from the Inside


Please tell us about your new zine, Unravelling From the Inside...

Unraveling From the Inside is a collection of poetry, personal narrative, and artwork with a focus on the body. This zine is a compilation of 19 artists telling their own experiences navigating this world in their bodies. The pieces in this zine touch on issues such as feminism, disability, trans* identities, gender and sexuality, love, disordered eating, and internalized shame.


What inspired you to start Unravelling from the Inside?

I currently am finishing up my masters degree in Transformative Langauge Arts, and the focus of my thesis is overcoming shame and internalized societal messages by telling our stories, specifically the stories of our bodies. As I've researched and done writing for my work, I have been blown away by the beauty and rawness of the stories people tell. I created 'Unraveling From the Inside' in order to provide another space for people to tell their stories and for readers to be able to connect.


Were you surprised by any of the submissions for the first issue?

I think my biggest surprise was how many submissions I received, from such a wide variety of contributors! I loved it! I was especially moved by the ways people told their stories...some in very personal narratives describing their lives, others in more metaphorical poetry, and still others in beautiful artwork. It once again reminded me of the diversity of the human experience, as well as our similarities and desire for community.


What is the submission process for future issues?

Submissions can be emailed to rebel.on.page[at]gmail.com.  I hope to put out the second issue at the beginning of 2015. Again, the focus is on the ways we tell the stories of our bodies, and I'll be accepting both written and visual artistic submissions.


Where can readers find you?

There are several places readers can find me! If someone would like to purchase a copy of the zine, it can be found at: https://www.etsy.com/listing/198466036/unravelling-from-the-inside-issue-1-zine  

I will be creating my own personal zine soon, as well, which will also be available through the same etsy page. Stay tuned for that!

Readers can find me on my personal blog, Nitty Gritty Nakedness.

I have also been published in Tidepools Literary Journal, the The Body is Not an Apology blog, and will be in the upcoming book "Queering Sexual Violence." I can also be found on Facebook by looking for Angie River!


Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

I am honored to have been gifted with so many beautiful stories for this first issue of the Unraveling From the Inside zine, and I look forward to reading submission for upcoming issues!





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