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by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jan 14, 2011 /
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Language learning is the key to successful travel overseas. We've found a great way to Learn Languages Online (French, for us) with Language Learning Software from Mango Passport.


We've all been there - living overseas, trying to make ourselves understood in English, when we could've been more prepared and speaking that language. Although I pick up languages fast in context, I find that it is far easier to be prepared before you go. It opens up a new culture that you won't find by just speaking English.  We've studied languages before - and it's difficult to find one that will work with our entire family, including our 8 year-old daughter. That's changed - let me tell you about Mango Passport.  Mango Languages has a long history of providing language learning education to schools, libraries, and government. Their long track record of success speaks to the educator on me - looking for social and cultural proof? These institutions are proof enough. But head to their Youtube channel - you'll come to love this company. It's fun, full of creative, intelligent people that truly enjoy teaching languages.


I can't recommend Mango Languages enough to our Wandering Educators - they truly GET that language learning isn't only about words.

From the beginning, Mango Passport taught us the basics of (ch 1) greetings, gratitude, and goodbyes. There are both conversational and grammar goals. We learned the formal and informal ways to talk with people, and basic French vocabulary.

The best part? There is a great narrative (both male and female voices) that clearly teaches you how to speak French. You can replay the sound effects, and get narration on each word if you choose so.  It's also visually appealing, with a great graphic behind the learning flashcards.


Mango Passport - French


The Mango Passport system is set up in chapters, and within each chapter, there are slides that teach you the basics.  You can see the literal and understood meanings of each phrase (very important, when learning a new language).


Language Learning online with Mango Passport


It's very easy to use and learn - our eight year-old daughter has spent much time learning French by herself with Mango Passport - she said that they make it easy to learn a new language, and gets her interested in learning French. This isn't too fast, and you repeat things if you need to listen again. She works on it a few times a week - I've not seen her take this much interest in learning another language (it also helps that she's totally eager to go to Paris). If you can teach all ages, and learning abilities, you've got a winner.


And, the methodology of Mango Languages is incredible - here's what Mango Languages has to say about their online language learning system:

There’s science at the center of this Mango.
Intuitive Language Construction: It’s how we roll.

Every Mango course, chapter and lesson incorporates our Intuitive Language Construction methodology, designed to simulate the way people learn when actually surrounded by a foreign culture through practical conversation.

Intuitive Language Construction increases what you learn, AND your ability to use it. Each lesson covers all four key-language components—Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Grammar and Culture – while maximizing comprehension and retention. A working knowledge of each component, and the ability to combine them correctly, is crucial to being understood and accepted by native speakers.


Mango focuses on words and phrases that will be the most valuable in common, real-life situations for each specific language and culture.

Vocabulary words are taught through conversation, rather than just a list, to help users understand context and make the most of their time. After just one Mango lesson, you’ll be speaking in your new language, and have fun doing it!


Mango takes pronunciation to a whole new level, helping learners speak more accurately and conversationally. Our audio is recorded by professional native speaking voice talent, using the standard dialect, giving users the best possible baseline to model their own pronunciation after.

We’ve also integrated a variety of interactive tools designed to help improve pronunciation. Users can interact with any word, at any time, to view its phonetic spelling. We provide two different pronunciation speeds. The fluent pronunciation is spoken at a normal conversational speed. In the articulate pronunciation, the narrator speaks more slowly, and enunciates each syllable. Our voice comparison tool allows users to speak into their microphone, see a visual representation of their pronunciation compared to the narrator’s, and adjust until they are as close as possible.


Grammar instruction is at the core of what makes the Intuitive Language Construction Methodology truly unique. Because each lesson is based on actual conversation, Mango students are CONSTANTLY learning about grammar and sentence structure at the same time they’re learning vocabulary and pronunciation.

Through Mango’s semantic color mapping, literal translations, grammar notes and critical thinking exercises, users are able to easily identify and recognize linguistic patterns. As they learn, they begin to intuitively understand how the words and phrases are combined to construct meaning. They can then use what they learn and apply it to similar conversations. The knowledge is acquired without the user even realizing it! We call it Stealth Grammar because it just sneaks up on you.


Mango integrates cultural insight into every lesson, ensuring users develop an understanding of the expectations, customs and etiquette of the people they want to communicate with. Understanding culture helps students know which conversational tools are most appropriate for which situations and which audiences.

Our curriculum is developed by native speaking professional language teachers, many of whom teach at the university level and hold PhDs. They understand the cultural challenges that a learner will face and carefully design each learning experience to help overcome those challenges.


Our system was conceived as an online experience. It incorporates strategic instructional design, developed to be as effective as possible for online learners only. It’s designed to help users overcome the challenges associated with the online learning environment, and truly comprehend what they learn.


Mango’s simple yet powerful interface manages a variety of recognized retention challenges, including cognitive load and “the forgetting curve.” Memory exercises are seamlessly integrated with new information throughout each course, reinforcing the information at key intervals, and ensuring that it can be committed to long-term memory.

Intuitive Language Construction brings all of these factors together to make Mango a fun, easy and incredibly effective resource for your foreign language and ESL users!

Organic Learning

Mango’s organic learning lessons are designed to help users continue increasing their vocabulary, cultural insight outside of the Mango lessons! These lessons are focused on teaching a variety of useful questions and communications, which allow users to ask about a word they don’t know, request additional information about any given subject, get clarification from the person they are speaking to and more. The more you implement organic learning, the more you’ll be able to learn!

Intuitive Language Construction brings vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, culture, as well as comprehension & retention strategies with organic learning to make Mango a fun, easy and incredibly effective resource for your foreign language and ESL users!

Mango Passport is currently available in the following languages:

* Chinese (Mandarin)
* Farsi
* French
* German
* Greek
* Hebrew
* Hindi
* Italian
* Japanese
* Korean
* Portuguese
* Russian
* Spanish
* Thai
* Turkish
* Vietnamese

as well as English as a Second Language (Bravo, Mango!).



Our Bottom Line: Learning languages is critical to international education and successful travels. We highly recommend Mango Passport to our Wandering Educators, as an easy and intuitive way to learn another language.

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You can test it for free. But I think you'll soon find yourself signing up - and exploring a new language and culture! Learn Languages Online with this Easy Language Learning Software from Mango Languages.

Note: We received a review copy of Mango Passport: French from Mango Languages. Thank you!