by Christian DeMichiel / Dec 01, 2013 / 0 comments

This summer I learned how to wakeboard on Lake Tahoe! For five hot days in August, my brother and I participated in a local summer camp. We had the option to either wakeboard or waterski. I figured that since I was a snowboarder, it would only be natural to take up the wakeboard. So I did!

Every morning, a group of us headed out to the lake with our awesome instructor, Matt. After a lot of practice, and many wipeouts and belly flops later, I finally mastered jumping the waves. I found myself easily entering and leaving the wake with no problem.

I quickly discovered that snowboarding and wakeboarding are completely different. Shredding the mountains is all about momentum and staying in control of the board. On the water, it is a struggle to hold onto a wet slippery rope while being dragged behind a boat.

I can honestly say that I have not mastered the sport as of yet. I’m not able to jump off ramps, do flips or any other type of insane trick, but I got the basics down. Next time I am on a lake, I am pretty confident that I can strap on a wakeboard and have a great time!





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