Music for Reflection

by Kerry Dexter / Jul 17, 2017 /
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In the midst of change, news that's challenging, unsettling, or inscrutable, it is often good to take a step back, to pause and let such things settle in the mind or in the heart while thinking over what's next. Music can be a useful and interesting way to take such a pause. Here are four ideas of music to invite or go along with such times of reflection.

Music for Reflection

Mackinac Island with the Ghost of Magdelaine La Framboise

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“Welcome to 1816.” Magdelaine La Framboise’s spirit greeted our arrival to the island she had loved. The Odawa-French fur trader, who had fascinated me for years, invited my husband, Bob, and me to stay at the Harbour View Inn. In its prior life, the current B&B had been her home. Its construction was overseen by her son-in-law, Captain Benjamin Pierce, brother to future President Franklin Pierce. The gentle breezes whispered Magdelaine's words, “I apologize that I can’t spend more time with you.

Oo Roo, Uluru: a Trek In the Australian Outback

The Australian saying "see ya later" is often "Oo Roo."

Music from Canada's West, for Canada Day

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Midsummer celebrations take place across Canada in the time surrounding Canada Day on the first of July. How about music to go along? Canada has poured forth a wealth of singers and songwriters, from legendary folk poet in song Gordon Lightfoot to million selling country musician Shania Twain. For this year’s Canada Day, here are four artists who make their homes in Canada’s west.

Fourth of July Apple Cider Slushies

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Do you have a place nearby you’ve been meaning to go to but never quite get around to it?

Unexpected Treasures at America's Library: Heartfelt Friendship Between Nations

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In 1926, America celebrated the 150th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence. To mark the occasion, citizens of Poland – more than 5.5 million of them – signed a unique birthday card, The Polish Declarations of Admiration and Friendship. Now, all 111 volumes containing more than 30,000 pages – many beautifully illustrated or accompanied by photographs – are digitized and accessible on the Library of Congress website.

Georgia O’Keeffe, Artist and the Original Foodie

by Culinary Spelunker / Jun 26, 2017 /
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Ironic, really – it took traveling to Toronto to discover an American original.

#WeNeedDiverseBooks: Author Re-writes the Fairytale

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Once I realized that With Grace was turning out to be a fairytale, I did not resist it...but I did do my best to subvert the tropes of the genre.

With Grace. #WeNeedDiverseBooks: Author Re-writes the Fairytale

Family and Friends: Seven Irish Music cds

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Irish music has a way of touching emotions and reaching hearts across time and place and language.

Songs of Courage

by Kerry Dexter / Jun 17, 2017 /
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Courage: it is an aspect of character with many facets.  It can be courageous to speak out; it can be courageous to stay silent. It can show courage to move forward. At other times and circumstances, and for the same person, it can take more courage to stay in one place. It can take courage to reflect; it can be equally courageous to act quickly. Courage, along with its companion integriy, may also be touchstones which help guide choices such as those.