Lessons Learned on Vacation with my (ex) boyfriend

by Brianna Krueger / Apr 07, 2017 /
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Half the joy of vacation is who you spend it with. Nothing makes a vacation more enjoyable than spending it with people you love (besides having copious amounts of money to spend). 

Weird Moments Make the Best Memories

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How many weird things can happen in a week?

People try to act like ‘weird’ is a bad thing, when in reality it’s not. Everyone is weird in their own way, which technically means if we’re all weird, we’re actually all normal.

Send a Bit of Winter With These Fine Art Cards

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I've been working on a new book project over the past couple of months. I've looked at hundreds of images, all from my ski touring adventures. So with all that snow and beauty on my mind, I created a series of 5x7 greeting cards highlighting some of my favourite photographs.

Hosting Your Own Chocolate Tasting

by Culinary Spelunker / Mar 27, 2017 /
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Do you know the right way to eat chocolate?
Real chocolate, not the overly waxy variety that’s common in grocery store aisles and tends to have a saccharine aftertaste.
I didn’t.
Despite years of thinking of myself as a chocolate connoisseur and doing my best to have a daily serving (or two!) of chocolate, I’d never gone to a chocolate tasting, where the intricacies of the flavor and the importance of the purity of the beans were explained in detail.

Advantages of Learning Online

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Online Learning Advantages We Always Have To Be Aware Of

There are limitations associated with online education, but the advantages make it quite easy to understand why eLearning is the wave of the future. The traditional education system has several problems, including cost, location, class sizes, and more.

Advantages of Learning Online

But I Never Realized I Was Learning Anything

by Stacey Ebert / Mar 07, 2017 /
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I never knew that one of the best compliments from a former student was “I never really thought I was learning anything in your class – we just had fun.” At first I was offended and thought, ‘really, with all of that work in my lesson planning and efforts, really?’ And then I realized it was a compliment. Eventually, even those same students realized that if they didn’t know something at the start of the year and by the end of the year they excelled – then there must have been something going on.

Why you Need to Take a Trip with your Best Friends Right Now

by Brianna Krueger / Mar 03, 2017 /
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Ninety-five percent of my vacations have been with my family. Only one has ever been a vacation with my friends. Pretty sad.

It gets sadder that there’s likely never going to be another friends vacation for us. We’re in the stages of life that include careers, engagements, marriage, and babies, which often makes it difficult to arrange time, even weekend getaways, to see each other. Unfortunately, that’s the sad truth of life and growing up. 

Lessons from Argentina: Q&A with a Pattern Designer

by Culinary Spelunker / Feb 27, 2017 /
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Jessica George can’t remember a time when she didn’t know how to sew.
“There are 5 kids in my family and one of the ways my mom kept all of us busy was by doing crafts – so I was always crafting,” recalls George, who grew up near Cleveland. 
In college, George studied industrial design with the intent to go on to create toys, perhaps for some big-name company. She took time off before completing her studies to volunteer in underserved communities just outside Buenos Aires in Argentina.

#StudyAbroadBecause it will introduce you to yourself

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Rebecca Schuman, Ph.D., is the author of the comic memoir Schadenfreude, A Love Story: Me, the Germans, and 20 Years of Attempted Transformations, Awkward Miscommunications, and Humiliating Situations That Only They Have Words For. She studied abroad in: Germany (1995, 1997); Czech Republic (2004, 2006); Austria (2008)

Revolutionary Ride: On the Road in Search of the Real Iran

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Note: Revolutionary Ride is Lois Pryce's third book, about her travels in Iran.