5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Indiana

by Bert Maxwell /
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Oct 30, 2014 / 0 comments

When choosing a vacation destination in the U.S., travelers tend to forget that the Midwest is both beautiful and incredibly versatile. The state of Indiana offers hundreds of exciting vacation experiences. From world-renowned museums to awe-worthy state parks, Indiana boasts cities that appeal to nature enthusiasts, sports fans, food lovers, and history buffs. Here are just five reasons why you should plan your next trip to Indiana.


The Museums


Indiana Children's Museum

Indy Children's Museum via Flickr by Valerie Everett

There's a wide array of diverse museums in Indiana. If you're a sports fan, then the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame is a must-see attraction. Located in New Castle, Indiana, the museum features a grand collection of basketball memorabilia. There are also several other basketball related museums in Indiana. Another cool museum worth visiting is The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, which just happens to be the world's largest children's museum.


The Historical Sites

From old mansions to 100-year-old parks, there are a lot of cool historic sites in Indiana. Be sure to visit Indianapolis's Benjamin Harrison Presidential site, a 16-room Italianate-style home built in 1874. Another fun site is Crown Point's Lake County Sheriffs House and Jail, where famous bank robber John Dillinger escaped in 1934. Some other notable sites are the Saint Meinrad Archabbey, Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum and Park, and the Willard Library.


The Culinary Scenes

Indiana is filled with cities that boast excellent cuisine but Indianapolis is best known for its thriving culinary scene. In Indianapolis, you can find St. Elmo Steak House, which has been a downtown landmark since 1902. The fine-dining establishment is still highly regarded for the aged steaks and amazing ambiance.

A newer Indianapolis restaurant that's catching a lot of buzz is Bluebeard, a James Beard semi-finalist that serves up house-made charcuterie and locally sourced produce. 


The Sporting Events

If there are two sports that Indiana is known for, it's definitely basketball and car racing. Between the Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, and tons of other annual events, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway offers spectators a one of a kind car racing experience. Basketball is also hugely popular in Indianapolis. The city has consistently talented college and professional basketball teams. Buy tickets for either the Indiana Hoosiers or the Indiana Pacers, and you'll be in for an action-packed game.


The State Parks


Marengo Cave, Indiana

Marengo Cave, via Flickr by daveynin

If you're a nature lover, then you'll really enjoy the awesome parks, trails, and caves of the Midwest state. Check out the Indiana Cave Trail and walk through all three remarkable caves in Southern Indiana. Located in Logansport, France Park offers a giant waterfall, zip-lining adventures, scuba diving, camping, and so much more. It's the ultimate destination for the outdoor adventures.

Brown County State Park is another nature site worth visiting. 60 miles south of Indianapolis, it's the state's largest state park and offers trails, horseback riding, and gorgeous vistas.


Indiana has something offer every kind of traveler. In addition to these five reasons, there are also great wineries, zoos, nightlife, and music to offer the Midwest visitor. What would you see and do first?