A Glimpse into Ozark, Missouri

by Carleigh Pierce / Oct 01, 2014 / 0 comments

The crisp morning air surrounds me, and the sun slowly begins to kiss the earth in a beautiful haze.
My journey through our small town of Ozark, Missouri, begins at the abandoned Old Ozark Mill.


Old Ozark Mill.  Ozark, Missouri


Old Ozark Mill.  Ozark, Missouri


Just beside the mill runs the Finley River. With just a short walk over the bridge, I look to my right and see the dam, looking almost like a giant mirror reflecting everything around it.


Finley River Dam, Ozark, Missouri


Along the other side of the river, in our park, I look over at the bridge and the view is breathtaking.


Old bridge over the Finley River, Ozark, Missouri


Walking along the river, I take in the calm environment of the early morning; turning to look through a gap in the trees, I see a perfect view of the bridge, and mill.


Old Ozark Mill, Finley River, and bridge - Ozark, Missouri


Old Bridge, Ozark, Missouri


Tired of walking, my friend and I take a quick break sitting on the edge of a wall over the river.

Taking a break by the Finley River, Ozark, Missouri


Park entrance, Ozark, Missouri


Then we notice something: a stone with a spray painted R.I.P. on it. We begin making jokes about it, and the rock begins to grow on me.


RIP Rock, Finley River, Ozark, Missouri


As we are about to leave the park, this large under road drainage catches my eye. Not for the thing itself though; if you look closely, you can see hundreds of tiny children’s hand prints painted on the inside walls.


tiny handprints under the stone drainage, Ozark, Missouri


Finally we are off to the town square!

Our little town square isn’t much, just filled with old brick buildings and quaint shops. But it is a hidden diamond in a coal mine. As we walk around the square, we see a few historical monuments.


Veteran's monument, Ozark, Missouri


This one in particular caught my eye. Back in 1883-1889, during the Civil War era, Bald Knobbers ran rampant in South West Missouri, particularly in our area of Christian County. This group of vigilantes went to extremes to defend the law and what they believed was right, even if that meant breaking a few laws themselves. The monument states: "This marker is not to commemorate the violent acts resulting in many deaths, including those hanged here. It has been erected so that we will remember what happened, so it does not happen again. We would like to forget this part of our past, but must not."


Bald Knobber memorial, Ozark, Missouri


Lastly, we decide to visit Ben’s On the Square, one of my favorite coffee shops before we end our photo adventure.


Ben's on the Square coffee shop, Ozark, Missouri


Ben's on the Square coffee shop, Ozark, Missouri





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