Keep Up the London 2012 Olympics Sports Fever in 2013

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The Olympic Games represent the culmination of years of practice, planning, and coordination.  It should therefore be of no great surprise that the 2012 London Olympics will remain emblazoned in the minds of not only the thousands of individuals that were lucky enough to be able to attend the once-in-a-lifetime venue, but also the rest of us following round-the-clock in the media.  With these games now having come to an end, many travellers are searching for exciting sports destinations in the year to follow.  Indeed, 2013 has much to offer around the world and although the Olympics are not on the agenda, there are many other interesting and exciting events to attend.  If you have been missing the opportunity to get involved from the side lines in a different sport you never knew you enjoyed, then let us cheer on a few of the most popular upcoming events and destinations. Leaving from London via trains to Heathrow, you can reach all of these destinations and events in record time.


Tennis - 2013 Davis Cup

When: Feb 1st-Nov 17th 2013, Where: Worldwide


Tennis - Davis Cup


One of the best things about this world-renowned global tennis event is that matches are played in various locations across the globe and the whole event is played from February through to November. 


Some of the highlights this year include the European tournaments such as the match between Croatia and Italy, which will be decided in the city of Turin.  Besides offering what is predicted to be a memorable competition, the city itself offers a wide variety of cultural attractions.  For instance, the Mole Antonelliana is one of the most breath-taking architectural masterpieces in all of Italy; having originally been designed as a synagogue but now converted to a museum of film which offers spectacular views of the city.  For those interested in Turin’s history, the Palazzo Reale gives the traveller insight as to the royal origins of the city itself.  Indeed, Turin will prove to represent much more than a sporting destination, and if you have more time to do your own tour; the rest of Italy is just as inviting.





Rugby Union - The Heineken Cup Final

When: May 18th 2013, Where: Dublin

For those who wish to remain a bit closer to home, the European Rugby Cup will be held in Dublin this year.  Visitors can enjoy a vibrant game of rugby while simultaneously partaking in the balmy May weather.  As this will prove a major attraction to sports fans, tickets may be difficult to come by.  However, the city itself offers many amenities which make it well worth the visit.  Many such destinations are within easy reach of the city centre and include such landmarks as the Malahide Castle which sits upon 250 acres of exquisitely landscaped property or the Garden of Remembrance that is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in support of an independent Ireland. 



Formula One – 20 Races

When: March 17th – Nov 24th 2013, Where: Worldwide, including Barcelona, Spain


Any football fan is well aware of the prowess of the Barcelona team and while tickets to a home game may be difficult to acquire, Barcelona is also home to a great many other attractions certain to please visitors of any age.  With a Formula 1 weekend scheduled for 12th May, excitement and cultural interest from the former 1992 Olympic stadium to the castle and Montjuic to the verdant green walkways of the Paseig de Gracia, the city and climate will never disappoint. 




These are but three choices of the many destinations possible for both established and new sports fans within the United Kingdom and across the world.  Whilst these destinations are worthy of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals (in any order) you might also consider others with a London connection such as the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley, London, England (May 25th) or the World Figure Skating Championships in London Ontario, Canada(March 10th-17th).


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