Postcard From La Kebab, Marmaris, Turkey

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Sep 11, 2012 / 0 comments

Are you a fan of Turkish food? Well, if you ever get the chance to go to Turkey, then you will realise how your local Kebab shop down the road cannot compare to how it tastes in the country it originates from.


‘La Kebab Restaurant’ in Marmaris, Turkey

This photo was taken at ‘La Kebab Restaurant’ in Marmaris, Turkey

In Marmaris, Turkey
, my family and I were roaming the streets looking for a restaurant to experience Traditional Turkish food. La Kebab is the place to go; the food is really good and the service is excellent.

To experience Turkish food, start off by eating a Traditional Turkish starter called ‘A Mixed Meze.’ This is the one in the middle on the right. This also comes with Pita bread, which will probably fill you up before the main course comes.

The Kebabs
came shortly after; they looked really nice so we had to take a picture before we dug in. They offer a variety of Kebabs, such as: a walnut kebab (sounds a bit strange but actually really tasty), a cheese kebab, which is the one at the bottom of the picture, and the Kebab I had, which is the one in middle on the left, unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it, but the Lamb kebab was in a wrap filled with a spicy sauce. It was delicious.

After finishing our food, we could barely move. However I’m glad we were able to experience Turkish food from its origin. I know when we go back and get a Kebab from our local Kebab shop, it will not taste like the one I ate in Turkey - and probably never will. 

If you ever come to Marmaris, Turkey, you must try Traditional Turkish food because I can tell you it is amazingly good!



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