Top Tips for Visiting Disney World

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You’re planning a Disney World vacation in Orlando, and wondering where to start, yes? It can be overwhelming, when you dig into the internet, to discover exactly WHAT you should be doing to plan a trip to Disney, and have fun while doing so.

Disney World Frozen

Your time at Disney can be like this...

Don’t worry about the crowds, costs, or not having the perfect time while you’re there.

Follow these tried and true tips to make your journey easier.

Top Tips for Visiting Disney World

The cost

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – Disney trips can cost a lot of money. But they don’t have to. You can find family tickets for Disney World Orlando, so as to save money that way. But onsite? Our Disney Editor has a whole article on visiting Disney World on a budget.

Making lunches and lattes at home for a few months will be worth it to save money for the trip, because when you’re there, you'll be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

There are also free Disney souvenirs to look for, so you’re not over budget while you’re there. 

Disney World on a budget

When to go

I’m a big proponent of traveling during shoulder seasons, for less crowds and less costs. However, you should think about your calendar, and look at big holidays, and decide when you’d like to go. Maybe not during the sweltering end of summer, but a Christmas trip? Maybe at the very end of spring break, instead of at the beginning, when other families on spring break are visiting. Time it right, and you'll have the perfect combination of fewer crowds and better weather.

Christmas at Disney

Make a plan – know the tips & tricks

Read up – all the guidebooks that you can. Explore websites, ask fellow parents for tips. 

Bob Sehlinger, author of the Unofficial Guide to Disney World, notes, “Less is more. Disney World’s not going anywhere so you can come back if you don’t see everything. The objective is to have fun rather the run yourself ragged trying to “get your money’s worth.” Build in breaks for naps and swimming at your hotel, as well as down days and sleep-in days. The more rested and relaxed you stay, the better the vacation will be.”

Disney also has a wealth of information in their website’s FAQ section. Be sure to check for updates on the fast pass, magic bands, magic hours, perks for resort guests, etc., since things change rapidly in Disney World!

Pizza at Via Napoli, delicious and authentic pizzeria in "Italy," Epcot.

Pizza at Via Napoli, delicious and authentic pizzeria in "Italy," Epcot.

While you’re there

Don’t expect everything to go smoothly! Crowds can be overwhelming, hunger isn’t a good thing for happiness, long lines are stressful.

Before you go, manage expectations by discussing how your family travels together, what you usually feel like in new places, how to handle crowds, and other topics that will reassure your family that this vacation will go well, especially when you work as a team to create a good experience. Plan ahead and make sure no one's starving, and if feet are tired, then rest is up next.

Be relaxed, take your time, and stop to find Disney surprises.

A Disney surprise!

Make a few plans for big things, depending on what your kids love, and then go with the flow each day, including plenty of time to rest. Try to make time to see the parade - it's magical.

Maleficent, Disney World Parade

Maleficent and her henchmen, Disney Parade

Swim, rest, eat well, and enjoy each other’s company. After all, that’s what family vacations are about!








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