Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

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Get ready and fasten your seatbelts! This summer, we took an Epic Canadian Road Trip, driving from our home in Kalamazoo, Michigan all the way out to St. John’s, Newfoundland (yes, a ferry was involved). Why? Well, I’m the co-founder of Writing Walking Women, and we chose St. John’s as the site of our conference this year – MUCH more on that to come! And, our daughter, Lillie (13), said that every teen should have an epic road trip. SO.

To that end, I’ve asked my travel writer friends for their top secrets in all of the major towns we’re driving through (and visiting). I’m learning so much – and can’t WAIT to visit all of these extraordinary Canadian places. Please check back, as I’ll add more travel writers’ secrets to each location’s article – sharing the best of Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia to Cape Breton Island, and, of course, Newfoundland

Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

Here's an insider's look at Quebec City - what to see, do, eat, explore, and more. I love this city - it's one of my favorites in the world. Honestly? I could live there. Everyone loves this place. Read on...


Vanessa Chiasson - Turnipseed Travel

Quebec City is a city for walking. There is very little street parking and most bed and breakfasts aren't able to offer onsite parking. If you see a listing that suggests overnight parking is available for about $20, be aware that the parking in question is at the underground municipal lot. We've parked there ourselves on several occasions - it's centrally located in the old city and it's safe and well lit - but it's good to know in advance that your car won't be directly beside your inn.

Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

Ellen Barone -

One of my most memorable travel experiences was seeing beluga whales in the wild at the Saguenay-St Lawrence Marine Park in Quebec. A thrilling experience. Info: 

Whales near Tadoussac, Canada. Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

Whales near Tadoussac, Canada. Wikimedia Commons: Hans Bernhard

Percé Rock, Gaspésie, Quebec. Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

Percé Rock, Gaspésie, Quebec. Wikimedia Commons: Delphine Ménard

Lillie Marshall - Around the World L

Save money but still eat well by doing several meals at the Marche du Vieux-Port.

Eat well and inexpensively at the March du Vieux-Port. From Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

Leave time in your itinerary to wander Old Quebec, as you will want hours to take in the beauty at a leisurely pace!

Explore Old Quebec! From Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

Nancy Brown -

I fondly remember my stay at Auberge Le Baluchon because I was able to ride a Canada horse here. In 2014, I returned to Quebec and rode another Canada horse in Charlevoix during the height of leaf peeping season. If you visit Quebec in the summer, you and your family will be able to ride on the beach!

 Top Quebec City Travel Tips

Photo flickr cc: tslane888

Eileen P. Gunn - FamiliesGo!

What To Do: Visit Montmorency Falls. Take the gondola to the top of the falls. After you do the walkway over the falls, look to your left and you’ll find a small playground. We had a hard time finding playgrounds in this city, so my daugter was thrilled!

Where to Eat: In the lower old town, Le Lapin Saute in the lower old town. It’s adorable. The Prix Fixe lunch is a really good deal and yummy. The desserts are excellent. and they offer kid their own kids prix fixe that’s pretty good. ask for the dessert of the day, also a good deal. 

Where To eat/shop: Les Halles Cartier in the Petite Quartier is a super indoor market. it has a small supermarket, plus all kinds of specialty purveyors of bread, cheese, pastry, charcuterie, coffee, prepared foods. etc. We bought a bunch of goodies and then walked over the Plains of Abraham, a few blocks away for a picnic. definitely off the tourist path but nice local experience. 

What To Do: The Museum of Civilization has a standing exhibit on the history of Quebec. it’s a smithsonian-like collection of artifacts and kids will find something that will engage them. But after you’ve made them learn something, take them downstairs to the Youth Zone for a fantastic fairy tale land (with awesome costumes) and a good exhibit on the earth and weather. \

If you want more of my tips on Quebec, here is a link:

Lily Iona MacKenzie

Quebec City: It’s difficult to find a place that equals Quebec City for its charm, unique culture, and beauty. The only walled city north of Mexico, when you pass through the portal into the city’s historic section, the focus for most visitors, it’s like entering a fairy tale complete with a castle.

Viva Quebec City

Quebec City: The Heart of Canada

Best Quebec City Travel tips - from travel writers!

Lisa Goodmurphy – Gone with the Family

My best Quebec City family travel tips? The provincial capital is a great place for families to be exposed to French culture in one of the continent's oldest cities. We enjoy visiting the family-friendly Musée de Civilisation (Museum of Civilization) and the historic Citadelle to see the Changing of the guards, taking a horse-drawn carriage ride in a calèche through the streets of Vieux Québec (Old Quebec), eating crèpes, shopping for souvenirs in Rue de Trésor and taking in the entertainment on the Terasse Dufferin pedestrian-only boardwalk outside Château Frontenac. There are two ways to get from Upper Town to Lower Town and kids will love both! I recommend walking down L'Éscalier Casse-Cou (The Breakneck Stairs) to Rue de Petit-Champlain and taking the funicular back up - particularly if there's a chance that anyone might be tired out and need carrying on the return trip. 

A carriage ride in Quebec City. From Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

Jen Shafer - Slowly Global

For a break from the crowds at La Citadelle and Place d'Armes, head over to Villa Bagatelle to check out their latest exhibit. Afterward, take a tranquil walk through St. Patrick's cemetery or le Parc du Bois-de-Coulogne or stop by St Jean Baptiste's cathedral for a few serene moments to admire the beautiful architecture and stained glass. (But if your timing is right, definitely check out La Citadelle's changing of the guards ceremony. Crowded, yes, but how often do you get to see a royal goat?)

You're on your own for five days in Quebec City... go!

Changing of the Guards - and a goat! From Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

Robin Hutson - Luxe Recess

Our favorite secret hotel in Québec is Le Bonne Entente. It not as known by tourists because of its outer-city location, which makes their rates more reasonable and parking easier. The hotel provides a supervised kids' club that parents can use for free when dining at one of the two outstanding hotel restaurants.

Quebec City! Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips

And my own - more to come!

Be sure to visit Old Quebec to see the many beautiful doors!

Quebec City has so many gorgeous, colorful doors. Find them! From Travel Writers' Secrets: Top Quebec City Travel Tips



What are your favorite things to do in Quebec City?