Why You Should Vacation with your Family

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My cousin Karl said it well, “There’s a reason Kruegers have been coming to Port Austin since the 1940s,” and it’s not just because Port Austin, Michigan is great. Which it is. It’s pretty damn great. Lake Huron, sandy beaches, storms that blow over quickly, sunsets that melt into the lake like butter, bonfires that blaze, stargazing that expands far as the eyes can see, all at our fingertips and literally so because we are on the tip of the thumb. But there’s more.

There are the people you vacation with. Family - or ‘ass rash’ when they annoy* you, but still best, family.

*Kitty Foremen (That ‘70s Show) said it wisely: “You know I love my family, but sometimes I just want to get in the car and run them over.” It happens to the best of us, but we move forth, forget, and carry on.

While Port Austin is damn great, what gives it a damn is family. And you should vacation with them.* All 24 of them loveable knuckleheads. Aunts, Uncles, and cousins – oh my – Are you in for a grand time! Because it will be the best of times, and sometimes the worst of times, but it’s still family time.

*By them, I mean your family. Not mine. Although you are welcome to join.

I recognize that my family is fortunate enough to all get along and like each other since, according to TV, no one ever seems to like their in-laws. Personally, as someone who has always grown up with my extended family, I don’t understand not liking them – maybe in few, stand-alone moments because let’s face it everyone gets on each other’s nerves once in a while. Overall, we like each other, and for that I am thankful.

Here are 10 reasons why you should vacation with your extended family.

Because what else would you talk about at holiday gatherings without a little reminiscing? How boring work is or how cold the weather is? Maybe briefly, but laughing at the good (and often weird) memories we’ve had is a bit more enjoyable. Such as that one time someone turned off the water at the cottage we were staying at, thinking it was a light switch and no one had a clue the two were attached. We had to dig a hole –nicknamed the Billy–to go about our bathroom needs. Twenty people, one hole, no fun, but always a classic Krueger memory.


Because they’re family. They’re some of the only people that will love you unconditionally, without reason, and still take you back when you lose your cool. You can’t ask for better company than that; someone who always has your back and will cheer you on, and always someone to hang out with.


While we’re on that note… Because it’s uninterrupted family time. Life can get in the way. Jobs, school, sports. But when we get together, all those real life worries disappear and it’s just family time, filled with rambunctious talking, radiating love, and infectious laughter. It’s time to just be together and enjoy the company.


Why You Should Vacation with your Family - reason 3

With family, it’s always a good time.


Because it brings you closer. Much as I hate the cliché ‘out of sight, out of mind’ it’s true for a reason. Whether it’s a friend or family member, distance isn’t easy and takes patience in understanding and communications. Sometimes you need to close the distance to make the heart (cliché-ly) grow fonder. While special moments can be created via skype, it’s the moments you’re together you tend to cherish.


Because who else are you supposed to vacation with? Your friends might sound like a good answer because they’re people you chose to be a part of your life and basically make family, but that doesn’t always make it easy to vacation with them. No matter how close you are, the elements of travel do test relationships; when you’ve vacationed with family for so long you know everyone’s elements and how to get along best without potentially ruining a relationship.


Because it’s fun. Families don’t judge each other (much) so when it comes to ‘fun’ we’re all in this together (and very likely singing along). You can’t find very many people so willing to celebrate Krueger Khristmas in August Kocktail Kelebration Extravaganza, and so many willing to decorate and dress up for the occasion. Nor can you find so many people willing to take the polar plunge into Lake Huron.


Why You Should Vacation with your Family: Krueger Khristmas in August Kocktail Kelebration Extravaganza. Please note the jorts were a white elephant gag gift.

Krueger Khristmas in August Kocktail Kelebration Extravaganza. Please note the jorts were a white elephant gag gift.


Because it’s not always about the journey. It’s sometimes about the destination. The specific place we gather in Port Austin is rich in beauty, adventure, and relaxation. Beauty is created by the unique shoreline of giant boulders, stretches of sand, and willowy trees. Adventure begins with jumping off a giant boulder surrounded by water and continues with digging for clay in the sand. Relaxation simply comes with being there and napping on the rocks.


Because it creates (and maintains) tradition. In a land before time, a time before me, my parents, and their parents, my great-grandparents vacationed every year to a place called paradise. (Other may know paradise as the private beach community ‘Broken Rocks Association’ just outisde Port Austin village limits.) And since, it’s been a tradition up-held through the generations, all of us experiencing where nature did her best.


Because the more the merrier. Another cliché proven true. More people = more to do = more fun = more memories. Of which the more memories to reminisce at holiday gatherings, which then makes you want to vacation with your family all the more. It’s a circle of life and love and family.


Finally… Because you love them. Simply, the only reason you need. Spending time with the ones you love is always a good idea.


Why You Should Vacation with your Family

This is family.


What reasons do love family get-togethers? Share with us in the comments!




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Here are 10 reasons why you should vacation with your extended family

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