Through the Eyes of an Educator: A Re-emergence

by Stacey Ebert /
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Feb 06, 2023 / 0 comments

Life is messy. If only we knew that as teenagers, perhaps we wouldn’t have been so hard on ourselves about not knowing so many things—like what major we want, what path we wish to take, where we want to live, how we can best help make the world better, what we want to be when we get older, how much money we ‘should’ have, and all of the zillion other questions that rattle around our minds once we begin to think about how we might ‘fit’ in the world at large. 

Why You Need Big Wall Décor in Your Home

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Feb 03, 2023 / 0 comments

Color, beauty, art...what more can we ask for in our homes—and lives? One more thing: 

Make it big! 

Why You Need Big Wall Décor in Your Home

I recently discovered Big Wall Décor, a fantastic company focused on bringing affordable large-scale art to everyone. Read our interview with founder Nick Ford to get inspired!

Music for the New Year and Possibilities of Hope

by Kerry Dexter /
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Jan 16, 2023 / 0 comments

It is winter in the northern hemisphere now, January.

I have always found this time of year time for reflection, for creativity, for seeking peace, and of course, for wondering and considering about what the new year will bring.

Music for the New Year and Possibilities of Hope

Questions of Curiosity While Exploring Newfoundland

by Christy Anselmi /
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Jan 14, 2023 / 0 comments

This summer, my husband and I undertook a move. A relocation from Massachusetts to Arizona has been undertaken by others, no doubt. We decided to make things a little more interesting than a direct route. We headed north. Our circuitous route is winding us through Newfoundland, Portugal, and North Carolina. When one would think to take the southerly route from the Carolina’s to Arizona in the winter months, we will make Bugs Bunny’s famous right turn at Albuquerque to get to Bozeman, Montana. Then, we’ll drive to Arizona.

Sustainable Solutions to the Refugee Crisis

by Sandra Okafor /
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Jan 14, 2023 / 0 comments
What is the refugee crisis?

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Curiosity, Wonder, Promise—stepping into a new year

by Stacey Ebert /
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Jan 09, 2023 / 0 comments

We’ve turned the calendar page. It’s a new year, a new month, a blank slate; we begin again. We’ve been here before, yet we’ve never been here before. We’ve flipped the page, started a new something, and entered into the unknown prior to this, but it’s never been today before and never will be again. 

Deep breaths—how will you greet this day? 

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Curiosity, Wonder, Promise—stepping into a new year

Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes: The Rouse Simmons (the Christmas Tree Ship)

by Julie Royce /
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Dec 24, 2022 / 0 comments

The approximate 6,000 ships that have succumbed to raging storms attest to the power of the Great Lakes. As I traveled, writing and compiling information for my three-volume travel series that explores Michigan's coasts, I heard or read the tales left behind by those ill-fated ships. They add a somber, but compelling backdrop to Michigan’s waterways. 

Music for Winter, Solstice, and Holidays of All Sorts

by Kerry Dexter /
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Dec 19, 2022 / 0 comments

December. It is winter, solstice, and holidays of all sorts, of seasonal observances by those who hold many different faiths and by people who hold no faith .

Whatever you may be marking this winter season, music offers a way to find connection, reflection, celebration, and peace.

This is true even if Christmas is not your story, or you feel you have heard too much holiday music.

History Comes Alive at Israel’s ANU—Museum of the Jewish People

by Sandy Bornstein /
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Dec 16, 2022 / 0 comments

After 10 years of planning and renovation, the largest and most comprehensive Jewish museum reopened in Tel Aviv In March 2021. ANU—Museum of the Jewish People is an incredible place for Jews and non-Jews to learn about Jewish history and culture. Jews can connect with their heritage while Gentiles can enhance their understanding of world Jewry throughout time. For anyone unfamiliar with the Hebrew language, the word Anu means “we” in Hebrew.

Policing Bodies is a Human Rights Violation: Reproductive rights for those facing and fleeing conflict

by Emma Fitzsimmons /
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Dec 14, 2022 / 0 comments

Reproductive rights are human rights, as is having access to clean water, the freedom to express yourself, and the right to govern over your own life. On a day-to-day basis, most people will not face a direct assault on their human rights. However, for some, each new day brings with it a brutal, intentional attack that is intended to violate multiple basic rights. 

This is the daily reality endured by thousands of people who are facing, or fleeing conflict.