Free Georgian Language Course Online

by Bert Maxwell / Sep 07, 2008 /
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Interested in less-commonly taught languages? Georgian is a very difficult language to find learning resources for. Here's one!


September Artist of the Month: Jude Cowell

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One of my very favorite artists, whom I have known for several years, is so very talented, in a variety of genres. She's a dreamy artist, who creates amazingly detailed art that calls to you - in rich layered colors, sometimes underwater, and all of it so very, very beautiful.


NFT Travel Guides: Salvation and Love

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One of our partners, Not For Tourists, has several unique offerings on their website this week. Check out the following highlights...

Bed and Breakfasts

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Always on the lookout for great resources for our Wandering Educators, we recently partnered with the incredible site,

Book Review of the Week: One People many journeys

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Published by Lonely Planet, One People many journeys explores global intercultural themes through eight different aspects of the universal human experience.

Vietnam - reasons to travel to

by nightflower / Sep 02, 2008 /

Hidden Treasures: An Israeli in China (and then elsewhere)

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I was in China, and I was bald as a basted turkey.


Michigan's Small Town Treasures: The Garfield Inn

by Julie Royce / Sep 02, 2008 /
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The Garfield Inn is Steeped in History – Both Documented and Rumored!

The Perfunctory Traveller Goes Wine Tasting in McLaren Vale

by Mou Run / Sep 02, 2008 /
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The morning was chilly and the sky was partly cloudy. The possibility of rain just added to the number of foreseeable inconveniences that one expects on such occasions.

Sedbergh's Book Town: Festival of Books and Drama

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NOTE for Published Wandering Educators: A Chance to publicise your new books - Sedbergh England's Book Town mounts a Festival of Books and Drama each year in September. The festival 2009 will have a Travel and Adventure theme.