Proficiency-Oriented Language Instr and Assmt: A Curriculum Handbook

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Proficiency-Oriented Language Instruction and Assessment: A Curriculum Handbook for Teachers

This handbook for teachers was designed to provide world language teachers with the background knowledge, ideas, and resources for implementing proficiency-oriented language instruction and classroom-based performance measures into their curriculum. Tied to the national Standards for Foreign Language Education, the Handbook gives teachers a solid foundation of the principles and practices that are central to standards-based and proficiency-oriented language instruction and assessment. The Handbook gives teachers a wide variety of tasks and activities to use in the classroom along with ideas for adapting these activities for different levels and languages and longer curricular packages.

The 522-page handbook was created by members of the Minnesota Articulation Project and was edited by Prof. Diane J. Tedick.

Originally published through the CARLA working paper series, the Handbook is now available free online on the CARLA website.

For more information about the Handbook, and to download free tasks and units see: