Reading About Nova Scotia and Campobello

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Jun 24, 2017 / 0 comments

This summer, my sister and I took a road trip together around Nova Scotia. We were limited to six days, which was about twenty days less than we wanted to have, but we found this Canadian province to be packed with beautiful landscapes and seascapes, historic forts, M'ikmaq Indian lore, Scottish music, well preserved Victorian towns, small fishing villages and more lobster and scallops on our plates that even we who love our seafood could eat.

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A World Erased: A Grandson's Search for His Family's Holocaust Secrets

Have you ever read a memoir that you couldn't put down? They are rare, but I've found one: A World Erased: A Grandson's Search for His Family's Holocaust Secrets. Author Noah Lederman (we've shared his book, Traveling the Cambodian Genocide, here) delves into his family's past - both in the United States, and at different concentration camps and towns in Europe.

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100 Things to Do in America Before You Die

100 Things To Do In America Before You Die is a collection of uniquely American experiences. In it, you'll find...  

100 Things to Do in America Before You Die

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One Gift, Three Rules, and a Life-Changing Journey Around the World

Travel can be hard – challenging at times, less than comfortable, and the stresses of dealing with unfamiliar cultures, people, and food. This can sometimes overwhelm the joys of travel – the wonder of the newly discovered, the kindness of people, the breathtaking scenery. Travel is as much about the journey within as the journey without. It’s about cultural adaptation, and changing worldviews, and intercultural growth. And, it’s about being open to learning, trying new things, understanding difference. 

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A Unique Look at Paris

I have the (the!!!) most beautiful book sitting on my desk. It’s about Paris (naturally), and is a completely new look at an ancient, much photographed city – through its bridges, glowing, at night.

The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night. Photographer Gary Zuercher.

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Global Perspectives: Professional Learning Communities in International Schools

Community building must become the heart of any school improvement.
~Thomas Sergiovanni

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Revolutionary Ride: On the Road in Search of the Real Iran

Note: Revolutionary Ride is Lois Pryce's third book, about her travels in Iran.

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The Chosen Maiden: Bronia Nijinska and Modern Dance

If I were to dance these words, I would dance the drops of rain falling on parched earth. 

25 of the World’s Coolest Libraries

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Feb 12, 2017 / 0 comments

Wandering Educators love libraries. I mean, LOVE. Wherever we go, we find the local library, explore within, talk with librarians, and discover cool books. So in that sense, ALL libraries are cool (especially your local library).

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Every Least Sparrow: A Girl Grows Her Wings

Garn Press is pleased to announce the release of Every Least Sparrow, by Carolyn Walker. Walker’s memoir tells the story of her daughter, Jennifer, who has Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, a rare disorder that affects not only her appearance, but nearly every one of her body functions, as well as her IQ. 

Every Least Sparrow: A Girl Grows Her Wings