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Unlocking Potential: The Power of Inclusive Assessments in Transforming Education

Potential. It's like a hidden treasure, buried deep inside every student. But how do we unlock it? Inclusive assessments hold the key. By rethinking the way we evaluate student performance, we can transform education and uncover a wealth of undiscovered talent.

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What You Can Do with a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology

Have you ever wondered how you can could make a positive impact on society while pursuing a fulfilling career? Look no further than a Master's degree in Applied Psychology! This rewarding field empowers you to use psychological theories and principles to address real-world problems and improve the well-being of individuals, organizations, and communities. 

Read on to explore the exciting opportunities that await you with a Master's degree in Applied Psychology, and how it can open doors to an array of fascinating career paths.

Through the Eyes of an Educator: Becoming a Cartographer

by Stacey Ebert /
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Mar 06, 2023 / 0 comments

These days we can’t go more than four minutes on any social media platform without noticing someone sharing about doing life their own way. Any number of hashtags, from vanlife to roadschooling and living off the grid, pop up to intrigue viewers to follow the journey of those choosing to do their own thing. Perhaps we’re moving into a time of life where the non-traditional is becoming traditional, or perhaps, if that’s not the case, it’s the bubble in which my brain wants to live. 

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How You Can Get a Doctorate While Travelling

Educational leaders set the standard for retaining, understanding, and applying knowledge for everyone, from preschoolers to lifelong adult leaders. The number of positions in this profession is expected to increase significantly over the decade. Aspirant leaders can take on advanced education to meet their career goals. 

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Watch This: Radioactive: The Women of Three Mile Island

"Radioactive: The Women of Three Mile Island is a stunning and vital award-winning film. It asks the important question: should we or shouldn’t we with nuclear energy? First-time filmmaker Heidi Hutner presents this question with solid research on nuclear history and science, and she offers heartfelt compassion for the women and their families who lived through the meltdown at Thee Mile Island. This film is a must-see for anyone who cares about our energy future and our planet." ~ Award-winning National Geographic Filmmaker Jon Bowermaster

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EdD Curriculum and Career Scope

A master’s degree in education allows candidates to acquire classroom skills and teaching strategies that they can use to offer an amazing learning experience to children. On the other hand, an Educational Leadership Doctorate (EdD) focuses on teaching candidates leadership skills that can be used inside the classroom and in administrative roles.
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Why Choose IB? 10 Reasons to Study the IB Diploma Abroad

In the global educational space, various attestation programs allow an individual to receive the necessary secondary general and higher professional education. The concept of Baccalaureate has firmly entered our thesaurus. However, there are peculiarities when comparing documents, programs, and educational practices of different countries.

Through the Eyes of an Educator: A Re-emergence

by Stacey Ebert /
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Feb 06, 2023 / 0 comments

Life is messy. If only we knew that as teenagers, perhaps we wouldn’t have been so hard on ourselves about not knowing so many things—like what major we want, what path we wish to take, where we want to live, how we can best help make the world better, what we want to be when we get older, how much money we ‘should’ have, and all of the zillion other questions that rattle around our minds once we begin to think about how we might ‘fit’ in the world at large. 

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Hollyland: A Feel-Good Novel for All and a Must-Read for Every Artist and Art Educator

Patricia Leavy, one of our favorite authors, is back at it with a novel I couldn’t put down. In fact, Hollyland is the novel we’ve been hoping Leavy, an acclaimed arts researcher, would write. You see, in addition to being a prolific novelist with an unmistakable voice in women’s fiction, Dr. Leavy is also a world-renowned scholar. There’s no hyperbole here. She started receiving lifetime achievement awards at the age of 35!

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4 Tips to Improve the Behavior of Your Students

For teachers, creating a classroom environment where students feel safe and respected while also fostering an atmosphere of learning can be a difficult balancing act. If your students are not behaving as expected, it can make teaching more challenging and ultimately impede learning.

Here are four tips to help you improve your students' behavior and create a positive learning environment for everyone.