Philadelphia Liberty Trail

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My grandfather was a history professor and Benjamin Franklin scholar. We grew up playing fun games with him - like giving him a random date and he'd tell us something cool that happened on that date, or he'd drop interesting tidbits about historical people, and we'd try to guess who they were - he built a love of history in us that has enriched our lives. Friends of mine recently penned a new book that I know he'd have loved: Philadelphia Liberty Trail: Trace the Path of America's Heritage.

4th of July Special Culture for the Week of June 29, 2015 by Josh Garrick

4th of July Special Culture for the Week of June 29, 2015 by Josh Garrick

June 30 – MOVE LIVE on TOUR with Julianne and Derek Hough 

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5 Beautiful Places to Volunteer Around the World

5 Beautiful Places to Volunteer Around the World

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#StudyAbroadBecause another culture is only a plane ride away!

Jonelle Krise is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh working towards her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Urban Studies with a certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. She studied abroad in May-June 2014 in Greece! She participated in a travel-based program through Pitt, which focused on sociology, economics, tourism, and history. Jonelle visited and lived in several cities while in Greece, including Thessaloniki, Nafplio, Delphi, Meteora, Olympia, Athens, and Pigadia (Karpathos).

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Traditional Turkish Cuisine to Try Out on Vacation

Trying the national cuisine is one of the major highlights when travelling to a foreign country. First-time visitors to Turkey are definitely in for a treat and will soon discover that this country has
more to offer than just delicious kebabs.

Turkish food is a mouth-watering mix of Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, and Asian flavors, and whether you’re buying snacks from city street vendors or visiting a resort, restaurant quality food is one of this country's hallmarks.

3 Ways to Draw Inspiration from Puerto Vallarta’s Famed La Leche Restaurant

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The white walls of Puerto Vallarta’s La Leche restaurant stand as a contrast to the vibrant-colored buildings all around it. Black swirls crawl up each side appearing both whimsical and orderly, signaling to visitors they’re in for something surprising at this eatery tucked away from the Mexican city’s main center.

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Dana Sibilsky's Three Tips for Teaching ESL in Mexico

Teaching English to students in Mexico was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and though it may sound cliché, I truly feel as though I learned as much -- or more -- from my students and my experience as my students learned from me during my time teaching ESL. The expatriate lifestyle in Mexico was absolutely wonderful, and I was consistently impressed by how passionate my students were throughout each and every class session. 

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Andrei Codrescu on Ay, Cuba!

In 1997, writer Andrei Codrescu visited Cuba - and his book, Ay, Cuba!, is a fascinating tale of the journey. While I'd of course read Codrescu's work, and listened to him on NPR, I hadn't heard of this book. How can this be? For although it is almost two decades old, it is still fresh, extremely interesting, and full of cultural insights. And with the recent opening of travel to Cuba, even more important for us to read. 

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Visiting the House of the Mother Mary

A place of peace, serenity, and hope. I felt all of these – and a gentle wash of kindness – as I ventured up the path toward the House of the Virgin Mary, or Mother Mary (Meryem Ana), located just a few miles away from the busyness of the ruins at Ephesus, Turkey. 

It was a hot day in spring, and we had a very important stop before exploring Ephesus. We were visiting a place of pilgrimage for many global religions – that of the House of Mother Mary

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One of Central America’s most scenic road trips: Antigua to Atitlan

Guatemala is not as popular as Mexico among tourists headed into Central America, but it’s slowly gaining fame for its vibrant cultural opportunities, interesting historical significance, and breathtaking scenery. Many who visit take the opportunity to use local transportation - hopping on the Guatemalan buses and wandering the countryside adventurously, or booking a tour through the numerous companies that can be found in Guatemala City and Antigua. But there is another way to get around Guatemala on your own terms.