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Foodie Finds: The Definitive Guide to Where to Eat in Port Austin, Michigan

One would think that a town located on the shoreline of Lake Huron would have restaurants upon restaurants serving up fresh fish. This is not true for Port Austin, Michigan.

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Road Trip 101: Top Tips to Save Money on Your Travels

Are you planning a road trip? We’ve got a slew of excellent resources for you, including ways to save money on the road and accommodations. But here’s a list of our favorite ways to save money on other aspects of travel, from travel planning to gear to coffee to good eats. Take a look...
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These 5 Historical Activities Are Why You Need to Visit Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegró is one of the best kept secrets of the Balkan region. Despite being sandwiched between the summer hot spots of Greece and Croatia, it remains relatively untouched by tourism. It’s hard to see why, when Montenegró boasts 294 kilometers of breathtakingly blue Adriatic coastline, stunning limestone mountain cliffs reaching for hundreds of meters, real Eastern-European culture, and old towns with all the history and ambiance you could ask for. 

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The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Bucket List

If you were to create a bucket list, what is the one thing that you would like to do? If you are looking for inspiration, read this post and we’ll share with you some of the best things that you have to try, which are especially perfect for those who have a penchant for the outdoors. 

The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Bucket List

6 Ways to Save Money on Travel

by Asako Maruoka /
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Jul 25, 2017 / 0 comments

One of the best reasons to save money on travel is that you'll have MORE money to travel! The more travel you do, the happier you are (at least, that's the way it is for me). I am always looking to tips and tricks to save money - here are some of my best ways to save money on travel:

6 Ways to Save Money on Travel

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Visiting Marco Polo's Favorite City in China

Hangzhou, the capital and largest city of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China, is home to more than 8-million residents and located just 50 minutes from Shanghai by high-speed train.

Xixi Wetland Park. From Visiting Marco Polo's Favorite City in China
Xixi Wetland Park (above and below)

How to Do Disney - Without the Endless Lines

Nothing can ruin a good vacation like standing for hours, often in the Florida heat. Although Disney has done everything they can to make waiting in line more enjoyable (or at least less miserable), from outdoor fans to touchscreen games, nobody likes to wait.

How to Do Disney - Without the Endless Lines

Jet Lag. Even the Sound of it Wears Me Out.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about jet lag. He was telling me about a long trip he took to Asia and how it took him almost 3 weeks to get over his jet lag.

100 International Travel Tips to Put More “Bon” in Your Voyage

100 International Travel Tips
to Put More “Bon” in Your Voyage


Before you go

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How to Get Around and Experience Paris

Paris is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world - and for good reason. The city seems to have a personality all its own, full of charm, quirks, and subtle beauty - it is unlike anywhere else in the world. For those who have visited la Ville des Lumieres in the past, the incomparable experience that comes from the city’s personality does not need to be explained. But if this is your first trip to Paris, you may need some help in understanding how to best take in all that the city has to offer.