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Top 10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Mar 13, 2017 / 0 comments

You've invested considerable time, money, and effort on your journey - you sure don't want to get sick! However, people often get sick while traveling, whether from food cleanliness, unfamiliar germs, or lack of sleep. Instead of living like locals, and seeing all the amazing things your destination has to offer, you're sick in bed. However, there are many things you can do to stay healthy while traveling.

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Travel Beauty: Not Your Usual Top 10

Travel. Does the word evoke images of adventure and relaxation, or discomfort and anxiety? For most of us it’s likely a bit of all of those things.  In a perfect world we’d carry everything we need or think we’d want on board with us and we’d have easy access to it. Sadly, those days are long gone. A well stocked carry-on is essential.

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Plan Ahead: How to Make the Most of Your Holiday

Have you booked your 2017 holiday already? Well, whether you have or are just beginning to look at the best deals, it’s worth giving a bit of thought to the ways in which you can plan ahead to make the most of your time abroad. To ensure you enjoy every minute of your holiday (and make every last cent count), here are some top tips to try out…

Plan Ahead: How to Make the Most of Your Holiday

Study Abroad Tips: How to Schedule Travels

by Stephane Alexandre /
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Mar 08, 2017 / 0 comments

I have not been in Chile for over two months, and I miss it more and more each day. The six months I spent in Chile were the busiest six months of my college experience. In six months, I visited four countries and about 15 different places and sights in Chile. I cannot begin to express how important self care self love is.

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Road Trip! Exploring the Best Beaches in Israel

Beach destination – Israel? YES! You can explore much in Israel, including history, religion, incredible food (keep that one in mind – beachgoers get hungry), national parks and monuments, music, culture, language – but the beaches? They are worth visiting. If you’re ready to road trip in a new place, this is it. Find your car rental in Israel, fill up your tank, get some snacks and hit the road!

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Scottish Musician Sarah-Jane Summers Shares the Best of Inverness

Scottish Musician Sarah-Jane Summers Shares the Best of Inverness. Sarah-Jane Summers is a fiddle player, composer, and educator whose love for music and teaching have taken her from fiddle camps in Colorado to concerts at the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow to tutoring students in Norway.

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8 Things to See and Do in Croatia


3 different climates, 10 nature parks, 8 national parks, countless beaches, excellent food & wine, and 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites - where are you? Croatia!

8 Things to See and Do in Croatia

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The Perfect San Francisco Long Weekend Itinerary

Are you heading to San Francisco soon? Well, you’re going to love it. San Francisco is one of those cities that’s friendly, compact and really easy to get around if you only have a few days, making it the perfect destination for a long weekend. 

There are plenty of well-priced hotels in San Francisco, meaning you can see the city on foot or via the cable cars without having to travel a long way into the center from the suburbs.

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Traveling on an Extremely Tight Budget with a Group

Travelling is always more fun with a group of friends. You have more people to share the amazing experience with and get support to ensure things go smoothly. But travelling with your friends can sometimes add to the costs, especially when you’re with more than just three people. So, how to keep the costs down when you’re already on a tight student budget? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

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An Unusual Way to Explore Barcelona

Barcelona – this seaside town has much to offer visitors, from delicious food to Gaudi’s famous buildings. But as with any large city, how do you fit it all in? One way we love is discovering the city by bike! There are many locations for bike rentals in Barcelona, so wherever you are staying, you can hop on a bike and explore. There are bike paths, and the city is used to having plenty of bike traffic (as always, follow local traffic rules).