Advantages of Touring Europe by Rail

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Jun 23, 2008 / 2 comments

Europe is famous for its rail services, so very different from here in the U.S., where rail was conceived to haul freight. If you're headed to Europe and want to travel by rail, let's talk about some advantages of touring Europe by rail...


Advantages of Touring Europe by Rail

Photo: Wikimedia Commons: Roel Hemkes, adapted by Wandering Educators


Speed - especially traveling on the high-speed trains (TGV, etc.), you can get to places very quickly, faster than any other means of transportation.  If you are on an express train and not stopping at local stations, you can travel quickly on regular rail, as well.

Cost - traveling via rail can be inexpensive, if you purchase a Eurail Pass, or other discount train passes.  

Relax - since you're not driving, you can spend time relaxing - take a nap, look at the gorgeous scenery out the window, pull out your laptop and work on your novel (or work on your work, if you must), or write letters with a beautiful fountain pen, pretending that you are aboard the Orient Express ages ago, detailing your adventures home.  

Public Transportation - easy to use, public transportation can be a bit easier than driving by car. Especially in Edinburgh, where the traffic can be horrific, taking a local train can make life much easier. In big cities, it is very easy to take the metro, underground, or even local trains to move around quickly.

Transportation options in Europe are broad - choose your adventure, and your path, and let's go!



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Advantages of Touring Europe by Rail

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  • hiddeneurope

    15 years 9 months ago

    I was interested in your suggestion, Lexa, that travelling by train can be cheap ".... if you purchase a Eurail Pass".  My experience is that North Americans pay vastly more than I do for their European travel because they rely on Eurail Passes. If you are prepared to book a while in advance, there are superb travel deals in many European countries that often vastly undercut Eurail Pass prices.

    Just now, for examples, there are fabulous summer offers that include:

    1.  a one way journey anywhere in Germany (inc. all necessary supplements) for €49 for a couple (with accompanying children travelling free);

    2. the Deutschland Pass that allows 31 days unlimited travel in Germany for €249 for under 26s (on any train) or €299 for those aged 26 or more;

    3. Overnight internal hops in France for just €15 in a couchette;

    4. €29 one way first class on selected long distance TGV services in France.

    I cite these four just as examples, as they focus on the two countries (Germany and France) that are often regarded by North Americans as among the most expensive in Europe for train travel.

    I hope these will be of interest to 'wandering educators'.

    Nicky Gardner, editor, hidden europe magazine

  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    15 years 9 months ago

    Thanks, Nicky! I had no idea that these tickets were so cheap. Are they easy to purchase, there? Thanks for the great information - I appreciate it!


    Jessie Voigts


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