Tips for Planning a Surprise Getaway

by Asako Maruoka /
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Nov 20, 2012 / 0 comments

Your significant other has a birthday, got a promotion, or you just want a romantic weekend away to celebrate something. But what to do, how to plan this? Most people don't plan a surprise getaway, but rather stick with flowers and a nice meal out. But if you play your cards right, you can have a romantic getaway for about the same price.


Here are some tips to planning an inexpensive surprise getaway:

1. Shh!! Do all of the research and planning yourself! But enlist the help of friends to take care of your house (and pets) while away, water your plants, bring in the mail, maybe even help with airport pickup. Promise them, in return, a wonderful souvenir from wherever you're headed. Don't worry - most places have awesome local markets, where you can find local items to bring back as a thank you for all the help (and silence before you spring the surprise).

2. Planning. While we suggest planning ahead, with a surprise getaway, sometimes you just want to find last minute deals. If you can find a discount code, snag it quickly! You can find amazing deals for the same weekend, or within the next few weeks with surprisingly little research. Now, you'll just need to plan the REST of the getaway!

3. Location, location, location. For the most relaxing surprise getaway, you might want to look at warmth and beaches. Who can resist this? It's the perfect reward (and de-stressor). To save money, look for an on the beach voucher code - you can often find incredible package deals that are beach-front and all inclusive (thus also saving you some financial stress).

4. Extra special treats. Now, I'm a genius at finding deals. So why not pack the suitcase full of treats? Chocolates, a new wrap for a fancy meal out, a new pair of sandals to go with your sunny weather outfits are all great ideas - look for them (and similar presents) inexpensively at MyVoucherCodes.

5. Enjoy yourselves! It's rare to be able to step away from real life for a brief getaway - take this weekend, or week, and enjoy yourselves! Minimize the digital dependency (digital detox, if you can), explore all the area has to offer, and rediscover why your partnership works so well - because you celebrate life and love!