The Best of Maui

by beccatran / May 29, 2013 / 0 comments

Maui is a tranquil place. From the beautiful mountains to the world famous beaches, the scenery is unlike any other place I have ever been.




One of my favorite things to do in Maui is to head down to a surf town called Paia. Surfers wake up early to shred the waves. Paia isn’t usually overcrowded, but it is definitely a popular surf spot for the locals. The biggest waves occur during the winter months. Paia is a great surf town. I overheard some local surfers saying, “Eat, Sleep, and Surf. That’s the motto.” It has a really laid-back vibe, and is filled with small boutiques and restaurants.




Something I find truly amazing about Maui is that the morning sky never looks the same. Some mornings you can still see the full moon against the light yet still dark sky. I woke up around 5:30 every morning because I still had not adjusted to the time change (5 hour time difference!). So every morning, I would go on to my deck with a book and watch the sun rise. I really love the mornings in Hawaii.


Maui mornings


There is something really peaceful about the still water, along with the mountains and the slowly rising sun. Sometimes if I was lucky, I could see huge splashes from the whales. Everything was quiet and sleepy, and it felt as if I was the only person awake in the world, and I was waiting for the rest of humanity to wake up to see this beauty.




Evenings in Maui are also spectacular. It’s my second favorite part of the day after the mornings. Mostly because I love sitting outside with a good book and a bowl of freshly cut papaya and watching the sun set. As the sun is setting, the sky is usually colored in different hues of pink. On this particular night, I thought the sky looked absolutely stunning. 


Maui sunset


I love mountains. I love the ocean. Usually in the city that I live in, I don’t have either. In Hawaii you can have both, though. As I drove through the mountains on this hazy day, it felt like I was in the movie Jurassic Park. I later found out that they shot Jurassic Park in the West Maui Mountains, where I had been! It is incredible how you can be sitting on the beach, but also be surrounded by mountains.






The most peaceful place I have ever been to was the Road to Hana. It was so serene and had such a relaxing vibe about it. Along the roads there were many waterfall pools, and I thought that was one of the coolest things ever! You can just be driving along the road and within minutes you will find a waterfall. Perfect for swimming on a hot day. It’s the ultimate scenic road trip, as long as you don’t get carsick. The Road to Hana is right along the ocean and on the other side of the road are the beautiful exotic forests. Maui is a truly gorgeous place.


Waterfalls, Maui





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