Artist of the Month: Jennifer R. Cook

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You know the drill - scroll through social media sites, see what pops up. I don't really like the cat and dog photos, the gifs of people doing the same thing over and over again every half second. I look for beauty, creativity, originality. And each day, I am rewarded by artist Jennifer R. Cook.

The Bulkley Valley: A Photographic Journey

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Nov 20, 2013 /
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If you ever wanted to feast your eyes on extraordinary beauty, I've got the book for you. The Bulkley Valley: Photography by Curtis Cunningham, is pure visual treasure.

Artist of the Month: Jane E Porter

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Sometimes, an artist has such talent for looking within their subject. They specialize in seeing things others don't, and sharing a glimpse of the soul.

Artist of the Month: Max Scratchmann

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People are so creative. I’m always amazed by our Artists of the Month – such talent and inspiration! That goes for Max Scratchmann, our current Artist of the Month. He’s funny, creative, and a real renaissance man.

Artist of the Month: Alyssa Parsons

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Sometimes you run across an artist and just love their view of the world. Such is the case with artist Alyssa Parsons. Once discovered, I couldn't get enough of her art! It's playful, with a touch of humor that you don't often see, in art. She also has a serious side, with beautiful landscapes and detailed portraits.

Artist of the Month: Tom Ackley

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Tom Ackley, Tropical Artist by Josh Garrick. In 2001, when Tom Ackley left his hometown of Chicago to come to Florida, he quickly became immersed in the extraordinary range of activities Florida has to offer.  Like the Ernest Hemingway of the painting set, surfing, fishing and kayaking became his passions – and the subject matter for his Art. 

Artist of the Month: the “living legend” Harold Garde

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Artist of the Month (June 2011):  the “living legend” Harold Garde
By Josh Garrick

Jason deCaires Taylor & Museo Subaquático de Arte (MUSA)

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jun 19, 2010 /
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The first 200 sculptures are ready to be deployed in the new Museum of Underwater Art in Cancun, Mexico. Created by Jason deCaires Taylor, the sculptures will form a monumental artificial reef, designed to promote marine life, increase bio-diversity and draw Cancun visitors away from existing reef habitats.


A Gourmet Pizza Artist in Chesterton

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Aug 01, 2009 /
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NOTE: This restaurant is now closed (alas!). For more of this goodness, head just south to Uncle Menny's Greek's Pizzeria in Valparaiso  - his family's restaurant.

Art and Magic: Something I Stumbled Into in Seville, Spain and Must Share

by Dr. Debra Payne / Mar 13, 2009 /

You may have noticed I used the word stumble in my title to speak about the art studio I had the privilege of seeing yesterday. Stumble is the correct word. I am not the type who goes actively looking for art. I like it, sure, but I don’t know much about it except that when it’s in a museum, I’m supposed to like it and sometimes I do. I have never actually talked to an artist, though, until yesterday.  I met this wonderful artist in Seville, Spain, in a guitar studio one day, and she told me about an art exhibition she was having in Seville.