9 Things to do in Peru

by Anevay Darlington / Jan 05, 2014 / 0 comments

Peru is an amazing place, with so many food choices, culture, and things to do! Here are just 9 of the endless things to do in Peru, with links to great resources so you can explore more.


9 cool things to do in Peru


1. See Machu Picchu. It is one of the seven wonders of the world, and has amazing mountain scenery, fresh air, and of course the Incan Ruins! Need I say more? In case you’d like to read more, this article at One Giant Step talks about the beautiful stonework, and in general how astounding the site is. Great pictures, and makes me want to go again!


Machi Picchu


2.  Eat Guinea Pig. Cuy (aka Guinea Pig) is eaten in Peru and some surrounding areas such as Ecuador. Check out this story by Dave from GoBackpacking, if you want to know more about the taste and experience of eating cuy! Personally I think it tastes good, but then again I didn’t have a pet Guinea Pig when I was little. I admire Dave’s braveness for trying it not once but twice, after not liking it already the first time!


Eating guinea pig in Peru


3+4.   Visit Maras and Moray. Maras is a little town within the Sacred Valley most known for the beautiful pans, and Moray boasts the circular terraces most likely used for crop experimentation. You can easily do them both in a single day, and they both are fantastic places. Want to see some stunning photos? I love this post from Holiday Nomad that showcases these incredible destinations.


Maras, Peru

Maras, Peru


5.   Eat Ceviche, a specialty in Lima, Peru. A must. Marinated raw fish in lime juice tastes much better than it sounds! Don’t know where to go? Rishi Sankar at Ah Trini Travelogue notes the best places to go for Ceviche, along with some eating tips.


Ceviche in Peru

Photo by goodiesfirst, Flickr Creative Commons


6. Visit Tambomachay. Tambomachay is a site with Incan ruins, the purpose of it is unknown, but it may have been used as a military outpost. It’s a beautiful area, with fountains, grass, and canals. If you want to learn more about Tambomachay and its history, check out this awesome post and video at Raising Miro.


Tambomachay, Peru


7.   It’s all about the chocolate. If you’re in Cusco, make sure you go to the Choco Museum! There are wonderful chocolate making classes, sweets, and info on chocolate! At Break out of Bushwick, you’ll learn a life-changing chocolate fact, more about the classes in the museum, and issues surrounding cacao production!


It's all about the chocolate in Peru


8. Coca is NOT Chocolate. Eating Coca in Peru is a definite yes! It is perfect for altitude sickness, hunger, etc. Don’t make the mistake: Coca is not cocaine! Have you bought the coca leaves already and are itching to try it, but don’t know how to eat it? This article goes step by step on how to eat it!


Coca plant

Photo by Hanumann, Flickr Creative Commons


9. Visit the Nazca lines. The mysterious, amazing lines that feature animals, trees, and flowers. Nobody knows why they were made but there are theories. Some think that they’re for religious purposes, others think they were made for astronomical calendar purposes, etc. Check out this post from 2Backpackers, which says it all!


Nazca lines, Peru

Photo by kanjiroushi, Flickr Creative Commons


There are many things to do in Peru. You can choose to do the things that interest you the most, and remember, don’t do too much! Be sure to have some coca tea if you travel to places with high altitude. And, throughout Peru, enjoy some awesome food!





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