Irish Fireside Shares the Best Irish-Interest Articles of 2010

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Jan 02, 2011 / 1 comments

Our friends at Irish Fireside have compiled the  75 Best Irish-Interest Articles and Posts of 2010. Publisher Corey Taratuta is our Ireland Editor - if you've not yet delved into Irish Fireside, pour yourself a Guiness and jump on into their site - it's the next best thing to heading to Ireland.

They asked their readers to help choose the very best Irish interest stories of 2010 from sources around the Internet. The result is a list of 75 articles covering Irish travel, culture and topics of interest to the Irish diaspora.

Topics include:
Stories of Irish Travel
Ireland's Amazing Destinations
Themed Travel on the Emerald Isle
A Look at Irish Culture
Finding your Irish Roots
Ireland's Best
Foodie Finds on Eire
Just for Fun

There's also a bonus of Digital Sightseeing in Ireland.


I am happy to say that we're included in this list, not once, but twice:

Our History of Ireland editor Kimberly Ballaro's Galway City: Remnants of a Medieval Town

Galway, Ireland 


My own Because Sometimes, You’ve Just Got to Make Fish Chowder, memories of a very rainy day in County Kerry (with a recipe)

County Kerry, Ireland 


Head over to Irish Fireside, and explore the best of the best of Irish travel this year. Trust their discerning readers (we do!).


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  • Kerry Dexter

    13 years 4 months ago


    it's a great list, just the thing to explore. well done Jessie and Kimberly on having your posts inlcuded. happy to say two of mine, one from Music Road and one from Perceptive Travel, are also on the list

    Kerry Dexter

    Music Editor,

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