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Cyprus: Add a Drop of Culture to Your Next Beach Break

by Asako Maruoka / Sep 13, 2012 /
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Many know Cyprus for its resorts and ‘party’ spots such as Ayia Napa, but there is a lot more to the Mediterranean island than this reputation suggests.

A Culinary Experience in Thailand

by Asako Maruoka / Aug 31, 2012 /
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Thailand’s cuisine is enjoyed around the world and Thai restaurants can be found in pretty much every major city.

South Africa’s 4x4 adventure - The Sani Pass

by Asako Maruoka / Aug 13, 2012 /
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Known to be one of the most treacherous mountain passes on the planet, the Sani Pass ascends through the sheer cliffs of the Drakensburg Mountains in zig zag curves.  It links the South African province of KwaZulu Natal with the small, independent mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

Malaria and Other Big Risks for Overseas Teachers

by Asako Maruoka / Jun 22, 2012 /
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A Luxury Holiday in Egypt

by Asako Maruoka / Jun 05, 2012 /
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Egypt has been a hugely popular tourist destination since the beginning of travel as a leisure pursuit, as the fascination and mystery surrounding Ancient Egypt continues to grow.

Plan Your Dream Vacation with Air Canada Vacations

by Asako Maruoka / May 16, 2012 /
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Having problems planning your vacation? We've found a solution! Air Canada Vacations offers a complete service for planning your dream vacations. Don't quite know WHAT your dream vacation is, or WHERE you want to go? Not a problem - you'll be inspired by the plethora of great vacation ideas and options. We caught up with Air Canada Vacations, and asked them about the services they offer - here's what they had to say...

WE: Please tell us about Air Canada Vacations...

Learn, Play and Grow with a Cypriot Eco Experience

by Asako Maruoka / May 04, 2012 /
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You might think there’s nothing more to be had from holidays to Cyprus than fun in the sun: lazing on the beach, sipping cocktails, or partying in Ayia Napa. You might think this, but you’d be wrong.

Discount Travel Accommodations: Another Way to Stay

by Asako Maruoka / May 04, 2012 /
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Tips for Family friendly holidays in Tenerife

by Asako Maruoka / Apr 26, 2012 /
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Newbery Honor Book Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy On Stage at CTC

by Asako Maruoka / Mar 20, 2012 /
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In the Year of its 100th Anniversary, A Story Too Important To Remain Untold: