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Family on the Loose: The Art of Traveling With Kids

Did you think your travel days were over when you had kids? Think again. This guide – a complete guide to family travel – not only debunks that myth, but shows how family travel can inspire a whole new worldview – that of creativity, reflection, intercultural learning, and looking both near and far for life-changing experiences.

The Emerald Isle

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Ring fort in Ireland

Avoiding Boredom: Five best travel accessories for kids

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Nobody likes being bored. Nobody likes being bored on a trip either. In my family, there are seven people (five kids and two parents), and everyone does their best to prevent boredom while we're traveling, but this is no easy task, especially with limited space.


4 Italian Cities by Plain and Train

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Eleven Types of Family Vacation Photos

Vacations wouldn't be complete without a family photo. You need something to show off to all your friends and relatives after you get back. Hearing about isn’t enough; I want the visual aids, like the picture of your family (hopefully) having the time of lives at some destination that I wasn’t invited to.

Christmas at the Disney Parks

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During the winter season, holiday spirit can be found everywhere in Disney World. Each place celebrates in its own unique way.


A Teen’s Top Ten Things to do in Montenegro

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During the three years I lived in Montenegro, I discovered great places and activities in this hidden Mediterranean country.  I’ve compiled the top ten things to do, from my teen perspective.  This list includes skiing in the mountains, climbing a castle on the coast, ascending to the top of a mountain, and zipping along a ropes course.  Most of these things I did several times, and all of them were very fun.  I hope you enjoy my top ten!

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Lonely Planet Not-for-Parents London Everything You Wanted to Know

London is not only red buses, Harry Potter, and Shakespeare. Did you know that Monopoly was originally called "the Landlord's Game" and was based in London?

Catching up at Great Wolf Lodge, Traverse City

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Aug 31, 2010 / 0 comments

You probably know by now how much we LOVE Great Wolf Lodge. It's so much fun to go there - a complete vacation, for our entire family. We recently visited the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, and had a blast (click here for rates and availability at Great Wolf Lodge Traverse City).

Travel Writers’ Secrets: Activities for Kids in Ireland and Scotland

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Jun 29, 2010 / 0 comments

I've got a GREAT list of travel tips for you! For our upcoming trip to Ireland and Scotland, I contacted several of my favorite travel writers and asked them for their top tips.  With their answers, we’ll share a series of ten articles on travel planning, airlines, traveling with kids, tips for Scotland and Ireland, and more.

Thus far, we've shared: