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Choosing Your Own Travel: Local Travel Writer on the Best of Auckland

Do you remember reading those choose your own adventure books, when you were growing up? I couldn't get enough of them, and would re-read them until they fell apart, finding new paths to a satisfying (or not) ending. I recently read and was inspired by a new travel guide to Auckland, New Zealand, by a friend and fellow travel writer, Rhonda Albom. Rhonda has written one of the best guidebooks I've ever read - and let me tell you why. This book? It's the SAME concept - but with travel!

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A Locals' Guide to New York City? Yes, Please!

You know how it is: big city = overwhelming choices! You want a friend, a local to show you around. Luckily for us, author Gigi Griffis has a WHOLE series of travel guides, where locals share their best tips (we've shared her Italy guide here). Her newest, released today, is a guide to New York City, one of the most intimidating cities to travel to, for there are TOO MANY CHOICES for what to see, do, explore!

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Lonely Planet: Istanbul

I love Lonely Planet: Istanbul. When I was in Istanbul, Turkey this May, with Turkish Airlines and our White House Travel Bloggers group, it provided great inspiration, airplane reading, and help navigating the big city.