Kinky Boots: You change the world when you change your mind!

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Have you seen Kinky Boots yet? Maybe not - it's only been on Broadway for 5 years, and it's already a global sensation. This musical, which has a rich history, started out as a BBC documentary based on a real story. A long and winding road led to a movie, and then this Broadway smash musical. It's an important story of history, family, friends, and finding and staying true to yourself. Kinky Boots is on tour - get your tickets, as this is a show worth seeing.

Motown the Musical

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Motown the Musical is a thrilling story that takes place throughout the history of one of the greatest record labels in history. Motown Records was responsible for countless hits, innumerable cultural influences, and was an important avenue for social activism and black culture. 

Motown the Musical

The Timelessness of RENT: 20th Anniversary on Tour

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Have you seen RENT yet? It is hard to imagine that this Broadway show is 20 years old, but time flies. We went to see it last night at Miller Auditorium at Western Michigan University - and were blown away by the talent, story, and music. The actors? Incredible. The band? Likewise. Each actor stayed true to the original, while somehow making it modern for today. My favorite character? Angel!

You've Got to Love Dublin for Dreaming: Once

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Have you seen Once? It's a musical that touches the heart of anyone who loves music. ONCE is the celebrated new musical based on the Academy Award-winning film. It tells the story of an Irish musician and a Czech immigrant drawn together by their shared love of music. Over the course of one fateful week, their unexpected friendship and collaboration evolves into a powerful but complicated romance, heightened by the raw emotion of the songs they create together.

6 Reasons to See Jersey Boys On Tour

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Oh, what a night! Last night, we headed to WMU's Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo to see the musical Jersey Boys. We came away singing, dancing, and pondering the vicissitudes of history. 

6 Reasons to See Jersy Boys On Tour

Head to Stratford This Month to See the Sound of Music - You'll Thank Me

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When we were visiting Stratford, Ontario earlier this month, we had a slew of plays and musicals to choose from. For, as you know, Stratford is a theatre town, and why visit without seeing the shows? As we discovered, Stratford is also an art town, a foodie town, and a deeply cultural town. But I digress. The shows. 

London Musicals You Didn't Know You Wanted To See

by Heather Robinette / Oct 12, 2015 /
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Although musicals are performed across the United States, London provides a unique opportunity to see a vast number of musicals in one city. During my time studying abroad in London, I saw four musicals and one play. I never thought I would like musicals, but the performances were remarkable. I’ve put together some information about the musicals I saw and information on finding current musicals. You have the opportunity to enjoy award-winning performances and see stories come to life. You won’t want to pass up the chance to experience a unique part of London.