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Insider's Guide to Bermuda: Tom Moore's Jungle

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Pick up any Bermudian Travel Guide or even an international magazine with an article on Bermuda, and you’re sure to see a “Top Ten” list of things to do. Everything from The Unfinished Church to the pink sandy beaches...but my favorite spot to take friends and family who visit is Tom Moore’s Jungle. Tom Moore’s Jungle, also called The Walsingham Nature Reserve, is 12 acres of preserved, privately owned land, which is free to the public to access.

Heatstroke and the traveling pet

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If your summer travel plans include taking your pet along on road trips, hikes or even walks through city centers, it is important to be aware that heatstroke is a real risk.


Foodie Heaven: Germany vs Thailand

by EdventureGirl / Jul 18, 2012 /
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One of my favorite ways to enjoy travel is to sample food around the world. Every country has its own menu, with traditional desserts, snacks, and entrees. Trying them all is an adventure!

In Thailand, you’re never sure what you’ll end up with. Here, food can be bought in markets and at restaurants. My family prefers to explore the markets, searching for the best deals and bargaining with the vendors. It’s dirty, loud, unorganized, and a treat for the average adventurer!

Disney Secrets: Behind Park Walls

by Kathryn Blanco / Jul 08, 2012 /

A trip toDisney World is a magical experience, but what behind the scenes secrets go into making guests' dreams a reality?


Better buckle up your pets in New Jersey

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If your summer family travel plans include driving through the state of New Jersey, be sure to have your pets buckled up.


A Passion Grows in Brooklyn

by Austin Weihmiller / Jun 28, 2012 /
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New York City. Most associate it with just being Manhattan, and the other four boroughs are placed in the peripheral vision. Manhattan is not the center of everything. There is way more to the city than just Times Square and Lady Liberty. Both are really cool sites that I highly recommend visiting if it’s your first time to New York. Otherwise, get out of Manhattan and explore. Don’t get me wrong. I love Manhattan.

Nai Yang, Phutek, Thailand

by EdventureGirl / Jun 24, 2012 /
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Nai Yang is a relatively large town on the luscious island of Phuket. Characterized by sparkling beaches, bustling markets and breathtaking forests, its' beauty has been preserved by the minimal number of tourists who visit each year. Those who do come, do so mainly to experience the beaches.

In the high season (the season in which the most tourists come), the water is calm and clear, providing excellent diving and snorkeling conditions on some of the most beautiful beaches of the world.

My Passion Project: Writing and Traveling

by Austin Weihmiller / Jun 21, 2012 /
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I absolutely love to travel. I only got the travel bug somewhat recently too. Well, maybe not too recently. It started when my mom decided to homeschool my sister and me three years ago; that alone opened a whole new door of creative thinking and a fun, safe learning environment. But then we added the element of travel. So far, we have visited close to 40 countries spanning 5 continents. Africa is still on the Got to See List, along with Antarctica.

My Photography Passion: Exuberance

by adriscoll / Jun 02, 2012 /
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In the New Oxford American Dictionary “passion” is defined as an intense and barely controllable emotion. I’m not sure that’s what I’d call my project. I’m going to redefine this project as an “exuberance endeavor.”

Tarragona, Spain

Tarragona, Spain

Wisconsin's Horicon Marsh: More than a Marsh

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Although Wisconsin’s Horicon Marsh is hugely visited each year, its size means that it is easy to feel alone in the wilderness. Birds of all sizes and kinds wheel and cry over this gigantic wildlife preserve, filling the blue sky with their wings. Bullfrogs croak from the cattails, and butterflies dance across the marsh. This is the ultimate destination for any nature lover. But first you have to get there!