Context Travel: New Tours for Families in Istanbul

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Context launches two new walks in its Family Program in Istanbul

Context, organizer of expert-led tours in major cities worldwide, announces the expansion of its critically-acclaimed family program to Istanbul. The company will launch two new walking tours designed specifically for kids 12 and under, designed by museum educators and teachers.


Sultan’s Way takes children into Topkapi Palace with a trained Ottoman historian for a hands-on learning experience. Using the figure of the sultan and his life as the narrative thread, museum educators with Context have designed a series of fun, engaging activities for kids that introduce basic ideas of Ottoman history and reveal the extent and power of the Ottoman Empire, at one time the largest empire in the world.


Topkapi Palace - interior via Context Travel

Topkapi Palace - interior


Topkapi Palace - green and blue tiles via Context Travel

Topkapi Palace - green and blue tiles


Young Archaeologists of the Ancient Orient focuses on Istanbul's famed Archaeological Museum, home of one of the world's best collections of antiquities. Designed for families with children between primary and middle school, this kid-friendly walking tour asks children to put on their archaeologists' hats and, using objects from Mesopotamia to the Ottoman period, tell a tale of ancient empires.


Alexandre's Sarcophagi via Context Travel

Alexandre's Sarcophagi


colored model, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, via Context Travel

colored model, Istanbul Archaeological Museum


“Istanbul is a city of layers,” explains Ceylan Zere, manager of Context in Istanbul and a mother who raised her own son in the museums and monuments of the city, “It can be complicated and daunting, especially for parents of young children. These tours flip that dynamic around. They make the city accessible, reveal the richness of Istanbul, and take children back in time."


Context's Family Program employs museum educators, teachers, and other experts trained in such inquiry-based learning techniques as Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to create interactive tour experiences for children under 12.


Sultans Way Private tours will cost 575 Turkish lira and last 3 hours. Young Archaeologists of the Ancient Orient Private tours will cost 535 Turkish lira and last 2.5 hours.


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