A Stroll through the Ohio Renaissance Festival

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There's something magical about time travel. Even if you don't have a TARDIS or magic ring, you can still travel back to the Renaissance by visiting your local Renaissance Festival. We were lucky enough to explore the Ohio Renaissance Festival, located on 30 acres, this past weekend - and what fun we had!

The Complete Guide to Visiting Cedar Point

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / May 27, 2017 /
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Cedar Point – The World’s Best Amusement Park?! Why yes, indeed, it is…not only because of the 19 world-class roller coasters, or because it has been named that for the last 18 years, but because it’s just awesome.


7 Family-Friendly Food Spots in and Around Hocking Hills, Ohio

by Culinary Spelunker / Apr 24, 2017 /
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Hocking Hills feels hidden, tucked away.
Unlike most state parks with large signs hailing the entrance and easy-to-find landmarks, you’ve got to work to find the ring of sites that make up the Ohio’s Hocking Hills State Park. (Need a place to stay? Click here for best places, rates, and availability.)

Discovering Amish Fry Pies

by Culinary Spelunker / Nov 28, 2016 /
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Blanketed with big-bushy trees that flame red and orange in the fall, then soak up the snowflakes in the winter, and burst with green the rest of the year, Holmes County, Ohio is a world apart. 
And along the road, it’s not uncommon to see Amish buggies with horses plodding along the gently, curving roads. 

Columbus’s Katalina’s Eatery Channel’s Modern Twist on Classic Foods

by Culinary Spelunker / May 22, 2016 /
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Springy, buttery pancake batter envelops creamy dulce de leche in a bite-sized ball that’s gently crisped all around. Pair the pillowy pancakes balls with a few strips of bacon glistening with a combination of brown sugar and a kick of spice, and you’re having breakfast at a quaint, eclectic spot in Columbus called Katalina’s.

Where to Eat in Columbus, Ohio

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Ever find one of those restaurants you never want to leave? When we were recently in Columbus, Ohio, we drove around campus visiting Ed's old haunts from his college days, viewed some extraordinary art, stayed in a fine art boutique hotel, Le Meridien The Joseph, and had an extraordinary meal. While I love Columbus, I really want to curl up on the white leather couches at The Guild House, to eat well, work in a new "office," and never leave. 

Art and Luxury: Where to stay in Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio, has its first Art Boutique hotel, and let me tell you how much I love this place. Le Méridien Columbus, The Joseph, located in the Short North neighborhood, is an oasis of luxury and art. Great care is taken to ensure a luxury experience, from the valuable staff to the crisp, luxurious rooms. Here at the Joseph, there are 135 guest rooms (including 11 suites and a Presidential Suite) – and plenty of art.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival, A-Z

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Last week, I took you on a stroll through the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Today, I'm going to share the Festival A-Z.

The Ohio Renaissance Festival, A-Z

Road Trip 101: Ice Cream in Ohio

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Nov 06, 2011 /
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While driving, it's always good to stop and stretch. Now, if this stopping and stretching involves food, so much the better. On our last drive on I75 in Ohio, we stopped in the town of Findlay - we'd heard about a fantastic homemade ice cream and chocolates store. What's not to love?

Indoor Water Park Review: Kalahari Resort

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Apr 06, 2009 /
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One of our family's very favorite things to do is to go stay - and play - in an indoor water park. We've been to the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center - Outdoor and Indoor Water Park in Sandusky, Ohio, many times.